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Exciting New Series Begins! Check out Ty Patterson

"I got them, Connor called him as they were all driving back the next day, back to New York and the real world.
"Those emails that incriminate Hardinger? They got sent to my office yesterday and are with our expensive lawyers. I haven't seen them yet but my editor says they are explosive and hence the discussions with the suits. It is game on now baby.
"Over his excitement Zel can hear Lauren's anxious voice, "Now the pressure on you and us will really start.
"Let it. This is what I do for a living and love it, replies Connor impatiently..."

The Warrior
By Ty Patterson

When Zeb is restless, when he is depressed, when he wants to speak he goes to the tabla. He sinks into the sidda and the dagga and he escapes for awhile. When he is out in the world, he plays in his head to keep him calm, quiet... For the work he does, these are traits that he cannot afford to lose...

His latest trip to Africa forced him to mindfully play, after he had seen what he had seen--and even then the rage boiled within him. Unfortunately, he had come to the village alone. He was only supposed to watch and return. But after watching about 40 soldiers come and he heard the screams, of women and children, shots and other sounds of violence, he called in to his contact, he knew he would also go in...

After the soldiers left, there were only 6 left in camp; and then there were 3... The others got away before Zeb could get to them... 

No matter, he knew he would find them, sooner or later...

"The next hut a young girl raped, alone and unconscious,
another hut an old woman beaten and bleeding, laying
on the ground her clothes barely covering her body,
moaning softly. She sees him with blank eyes not
registering his presence. He crosses the road to the huts
on the other side. The first hut he looks into has a young
girl maybe seven years old lying on her side facing the
door. The stench of blood and burning hair fills the
hut. Her long hair is stretched behind her going into
the oven. He scoops up the hair, kills the fire, kneels
beside her. Her dark eyes look at him as she rolls on her
back pliantly, thighs spread. Empty eyes saying nothing,
her silence saying it all.
"Looking down at her, Zeb allows the rage to blossom,
unfurling from its tight core within, spreading through
him, reaching out across his body to his extremities,
making him the most efficient killing machine on
earth. Those eyes are still staring at him as he
leaves the hut.
He had been in Special Forces but now as an independent contractor, he did what he wanted, what he thought was right to do...All of these white men would pay for what they had done in that small village...

What Zeb had learned in the military combined with his martial arts and what he learned from his garu teacher made him a special man, one that was formidable, one whose inner emotions could be felt by those near him...

His rage could make strong men back away from him...

On returning to the U.S., after debriefing, he went to visit his sister, who was also a government official. Soon he met her neighbors, by having their son, Rory rigidly question what he was doing in Cassandra's home. Quite a young man, who will play an important role to Zeb, and others... 

The six men in Luvungi had also been Special Forces, but had gone rogue... mercenaries who were willing to deal with anybody who was willing to pay well enough...

The information was given to the proper agencies, but Zeb was not willing to back off from finding the remaining three men. In fact, he used his resources to let it be known that he was waiting... waiting for them to come to him...

At the same time, he learns that Rory's father is a investigative reporter and is working on a major story about the mines in the Congo, the child abuse where they were made to work in the mines, and the sexual abuse of women to control...everybody... He was on his way to tying a senator to the control of the mines...

Zeb is a remarkable character; yet it is hard to describe him except by his actions, his skills. Only at the end do we learn what drives him. We also watch as he is backed up by former warriors that he's met along the way. It reminded me of the Citizen Warrior series by David H. Brown, which I so enjoyed. Oh, if only today's gang violence could be turned into fighting warriors! Fighting against evil rather than against each other! 

When Rory's father, Connor, it is not the FBI he calls, he calls Zeb and his Warriors...Wow...  This thriller is fantastic. Sure wish Zeb was real... I know I'll be waiting for his next book! If you read this--you will too! Don't miss it!


Ty discovered reading at an early age and the backs of cereal cartons were frequently part of his reading diet when nothing else was at hand.
Reading has held him in thrall ever since. Reading takes him to multi textured worlds and fills his world with visual imagery; all fuelled just by the power of the black word on a white page.
He uses his life experiences, of living in a couple of continents, of selling tea to street side stalls, to infuse his writing. And to take his readers on the same flights of visual imagination that his favorite authors take him on.
Ty is privileged that his wife and son shape their lives to accommodate his writing. They also humor his ridiculous belief that he is in charge.

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