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Sharing Birthday Gift Poem from Michael H. Hanson...

"Peace Painting" - by artist Diane Leonard

Happy Birthday, Glenda

Dreams and Fates
by Michael H. Hanson 

In the one hand are all my dreams,
the other, fates.
From sleeping lands that I have seen
I choose the joy of blessed dreams.
Though pondering the world of late,
I feel the pull of waking life
whose noble cause engenders fates
to battle strife
and war on hate.
My soul is wedded to my dreams,
and heart to fates.
Rejecting all life’s agonies
my spirit favors lovely dreams.
But then my heart feels evil’s mate,
whose loathsome wretched horrid bite
so stirs the hunger of my fates
I prey on spite
and ravage hate.
And so I bid farewell to dreams,
and greet my fates.
Though sleeping realms are quite serene
we are not meant for lotus dreams.
There is a world we can create
with humble hands and renewed sight,
endowing paths to all our fates
with gentle light
that splinters hate.

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About Michael


Poet, Collections:

"AUTUMN BLUSH" - published 2008
"JUBILANT WHISPERS" - published 2010

Creator, The SHA'DAA Series:

"SHA'DAA: PAWNS" - published Halloween 2012
"SHA'DAA: TALES" - reprints July 2013
"SHA'DAA: FACETS" - prints Mar. 2014
"SHA'DAA: LAST CALL" - reprints Nov. 2014
"SHA'DAA: INKED" - publishes July 2015


Poetry Society of America
Horror Writers of America
The Fictioneers
Garden State Horror Writers

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