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Andrew Gross' Latest Thriller Awesome Story Based On Fact...
"No chance this is simply your particular spin on foreplay?"
He smiled hopefully. A last-ditch plea.
"I wish it was." I shrugged, pushing the hair out of my face.
"it would probably make the whole situation a lot easier.
"He took the waist of my skirt and shimmied it back up, letting
out a deep sigh, as if to say, I can't believe I'm actually doing this."
"Thank you," I said, "You're really a saint for not making me
feel like a total shit...
"About as awkwardly as I'd felt since maybe back in college, I
scurried around, covering myself up with my bra, and picked up
my sweater off the floor... I closed the door behind me and took
a deep, releasing breath...
"I blew out a final, steadying breath and steeled myself, when
suddenly, over the running water, I heard something coming
from the bedroom.
"Voices...I cracked the bathroom door open and peeked out.
My heart came up my throat at what I saw. There was another
man in the room...he had a gun pointed at Curtis, who was on
the bed..."You're going to shoot me, no matter what I do?"
"I raised the gun at him, two-handed shouting, "I'm an ex-cop!
Put the gun down. Put your hands in the air!..."


No Way Back

By Andrew Gross

Have you ever made one mistake that changes your entire life? Wendy Gould did... She had gone to the hotel to meet her friend and have a drink and talk over her fight with her husband. Her friend never showed up! While she had waited, she had talked with a man at the bar, who surprised her when he left to play the piano. Then Wendy went with him to his room. Only after they had removed their clothes did she come to her senses, back out of the situation and head for the bathroom with her clothes... While she dressed, Curtis, the man she had just met a few hours ago, was murdered in his bed.

On the other hand, Lauritzia Velez had done nothing wrong. She was a devoted nanny, living with a family who cared for her deeply. She did have a secret life, however, filled with much pain, as all living members of her family, except her father had been murdered. She was now separated from her father and also hiding, because she knew that sooner or later, she would be the next to be murdered...

"The doors opened on the ground level. "C'mon,
guys." Lauritzia placed her hands on their shoulders
and started to push them forward.
"That was the moment when her life was rocketed
back to her own private hell.
"A man stood in the doorway. A man who looked like
a thousand men she had seen in her past: dark skin,
black hair knotted into a roll, sunglasses; the all-
too-familiar tatto running down his neck. She saw
him reach inside his jacket.
Lauritzia knew. Even before she watched him search
through the elevator for her eyes, scanning through
the other people getting off. Before she saw him pull
out his weapon. She knew.
"And in the horror of what she knew was about to
happen, her thoughts ran to the one thing she knew
she could not lose. "Taylor, Jamie!" As they stepped
forward, she lunged for them, pulling them behind
her as the first deadly pops rang out...
"If this is my time, let it be so, she said to herself.
But Jesus, Mary, please, not the kids..."
At the end of the book, Gross notes that he started the story based upon an immigrant who agreed to testify against a ruthless killer who was then, along with his family, denied asylum. This story was loosely woven into Lauritzia's. "But to me it became an anthem of not only the innocent victims of narco-terror, but of the horrors of a worldwide criminal enterprise that is out of control."

I applaud Andrew Gross in his recognition and spotlight as
more and more recognition must force action against this seemingly unstoppable "enterprise..." Will we be forced to take our own revenge like the characters in this exciting novel?

Indeed, when Wendy confronted the man who killed Curtis, she was forced to kill him, to save her own life. It was only then that she found a "homeland security" badge on his body! And when she ran, it was another investigator that had given chase and tried to kill her. That same man had followed her home, where Wendy and her husband were just leaving... They then killed Wendy's husband and staged the body to look like she had killed him! There was no way these men were acting on behalf of the U.S. government!

There are more deaths...of innocent people, who just got in the way of a Mexican drug lord...

As well as corrupt government employees who decided they wanted money and power as part of their total compensation package...

It is only close to the end that these two women meet. Wendy had found Lauritzia's picture when she was in the hospital and had been visited by Curtis, who had been a journalist after a major news story...

They seemed to know each other, although they had never met--their loss was the connection...

Watch what happens when these two continue the thrilling hunt! Fantastic finish for a story that, hopefully, will begin to appear in today's headlines--a finish that rarely seems to happen in reality! Highly recommended!


Andrew Gross is the author of the New York Times and international bestsellers 15 Seconds, Eyes Wide Open, The Blue Zone, The Dark Tide, Don't Look Twice, and Reckless. He is also coauthor of five number one bestsellers with James Patterson, including Judge and Jury and Lifeguard. His books have been translated into more than 25 languages.
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