Thursday, August 30, 2012

Who Is She? The Woman Sharing Her Secret? Shhhh...

"I loaded myself into my car after everyone had
left, and headed off to the beach. This time of day,
no one was there. School and work took most
people away during the week. The beach was
deserted, all mine, and I took my time finding the
perfect place where I thought I could see him if he
did show up. I had nothing to go on, not one thing
I could use to my advantage. A plan has to have a
course of action--in fact my plan was so full of
holes that anyone in their right mind would not
even have tried to carry it out. But I wasn't in my
right mind. Here I was, waiting, like a spider ready
to pounce on her prey. Thinking logically was not
going to factor into this action. All day I waited,
watched. When the sun started to set, I knew it
was time to head home. Of course, I had not seen
him...I thought for certain my perfect plan would
have worked. Instantly, my mood changed. I had
never felt this down before. This stranger, this
unknown person, even controlled my mood..." 

The Puppet's Secret

By Alex Samms

There is one issue I want to note as part of my review...this is not a full-length novel. I didn't notice the page count when I accepted the book and confirm that I don't normally read and review what would be called a short story or novella, depending upon your definition. What that  means is that the story has one main theme and no subplots...I read it in one sitting... Provided only for your information...

However, once said, I immediately point out that this author has a true sense of drama and suspense in her writing! I understand this was her first published story so I certainly do commend her and hope she will consider adding to this story or continue to write in the psychological romantic suspense genre she's provided to readers in The Puppet's Secret.

Have you ever been obsessed? Truly obsessed? I don't think I have so it was very intriguing to have a woman share her secret with me... If I had not been reading her story, but rather sitting across from her, I would have talked with her, tried to help her see that she was not being logical, that she maybe needed to talk to a doctor... But she did seem to realize it...some of the time...but then...

I'm not even going to identify her, other than to say she's in her late 40s, married with children. I got the impression her marriage was not the greatest, but maybe it was just all in her imagination...

Did she want to have an affair? That would have made more sense and I could have talked to her about how friendships sometimes go too far...

But she didn't know the man she had fallen in love with. She had never seen him before, they had never spoken. He had passed her one day when she was on the beach. And he was with a beautiful woman with whom he seemed to be totally involved...

That woman didn't matter. She knew that once he saw her that everything would be all right. After all, that is always what happened in her romance books...

Enter the mind of an unhappy woman if you dare... Is the secret she has shared true? Or just her imagination?  Readers, let me know what you think? I just wish I could have talked to her--tried to help. Would you have wanted to stop her? Can you beat an obsession? Is an obsession a form of insanity?

This story is very thought-provoking! You may have seen at least one TV movie where another woman was obsessed. Something about cooking a pet rabbit... You remember the one... If you enjoyed that theme, then you'll want to read The Puppet's Secret by Alex Samms...

Highly recommended for readers of romantic psychological suspense...


About the author: (No picture Available)

The inspiration for this novel came from Alex Samms imagination alone, although she cannot say without tales of love gone bad from persons in her life whom she will not mention, but who know who they are.

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