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Lee Child's Jack Reacher Latest Coming--Plus Contest at Shelf Awareness!

  A Wanted Man:
A Jack Reacher Novel

By Lee Child

It had been awhile since I'd had the chance to read Lee Child, so I was happy to see Shelf Awareness had ARCs available. It is due out on September 11th.*  I recommend you mark your calendar! A Wanted Man shows Jack Reacher at his finest (of course)! Yet, I must say that he's quite a strange character... For instance, he roams the country, without a home or other possessions and wears his clothes for 3 days, then tosses them for new... If you haven't met Jack Reacher yet, this is a perfect opportunity to meet or get reacquainted. He's an unforgettable character!

At the beginning of the story, Jack is hitchhiking his way to Virginia to meet a woman who sounded nice on the phone... On the way he finds himself in a heap of trouble! But at the end, he's still on his way to Virginia... Let's see what happened in between!

A man had been murdered...A waitress had been kidnapped...
And the two responsible were heading out of town!

Thinking that roadblocks would be up, with the police looking for two men, they had taken the waitress and then picked up Jack... A big mistake on their part!

It didn't take Jack long to pick up that something was wrong in that car...At first he had thought that they were all traveling together, probably worked together since they were all dressed alike...but then he noticed that the shirts appeared to have just been bought, still had the folds from the packages and really didn't fit well...

But he played it cool and talked to the two men, learning much that seemed to be the truth...later, he realized that might mean that they didn't think he'd be alive...

Finally, one had suggested that Jack also drive to help the miles go faster. During that time, the waitress started to watch Jack in the mirror and quickly devised a method of communication using eye blinks! He learned that the car was hers and that their earlier clothes had been bloody...

Up to this point you might think this is a simple kidnapping/rescue...NOT! Readers find that the victim killed was somehow known to the CIA! Further, that there really isn't a "case" because it's being hushed... Still, though, that doesn't help the waitress and Jack, inside the car...

Readers, just one little hint, you never know who the characters really are! Except Jack, of course! Soon you'll be learning about terrorists, one or more undercover agents, a secret location that has been taken over, a kidnapping with Jack to the rescue...and so much more! There is a slow torturous "Hunt" scene in that secret location which was the high point for me... And if that's not enough to get you excited, then how about knowing that Jack's partners in the search are two female gorgeous and talented agents?

I must admit that the ending was a surprise; I had not picked up on the clues about what was really going on, so that it was somewhat anticlimatic--but oh, so important an issue, one that many would never think about in that "war on terrorism" that is ongoing... Of course, thanks to Jack Reacher, we have learned more about what issues are routinely being investigated by the CIA, FBI, together with local police.

This best-selling author has a series full of suspense, action and complex, thrilling crime/murder investigation with a main character that is totally unique. I saw somewhere where there was an argument about Reacher replacing Spenser...Readers I've been an active fan of Spenser for years and there really is no comparison between the two... Spenser is...well, Spenser and I love him as a character. Reacher is sexy, unique, tough, opinionated, and cruising around the world...Don't try to compare him, he's one of a kind! Read the Latest by Lee Child coming September 11th! Spend an exciting weekend with him!


*Did you know that Shelf-Awareness is now having a contest to win this Book?! Here's the info from Kristin:

Our contest ends August 31st, so it would be great if you could get let your readers know about our contest.


Kristin McConnell
Publishing Assistant | Shelf Awareness

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