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Thank You Dylan Morrison for Sharing Your Story...

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"Fully convinced that I was safe from the clutches
of the visiting American fundamentalists, I wasn't
prepared for what lay around the next spiritual
"The following afternoon, as I closed the front door
of our home preparing to jump into my car, I
suddenly stopped. "What on earth was that?" I asked
"'That' had been a gentle but firm Voice from
somewhere within the confines of my head.
"This was its crystal clear message: 'If you love Zan
you will go with her to the meeting on
Thursday evening."
"As I drove into Ballybrigg's town centre, I couldn't
shake off this hauntingly invasive command. It
kept rattling around the reluctant caverns of my
puzzled mind. I recognized the Voice though.
There was no doubt about it. I'd heard it many times
in the past. It was Holy Breath, more popularly
known in religious circles as Holy Spirit, the
Spirit of Yeshua, the Anointed One. About the only
thing I knew for certain in my confused state was
my deep unquestionable love for Zan, so that was it
The Prodigal Prophet

By Dylan Morrison

In today's world, a marvelous thing is possible! Dylan Morrison, author of The Prodigal Prophet can have his books placed right into our hands! Now this was important to me, even more than those that I've read from authors from other countries--because Dylan's story was for me... It just may be for your too. If something in these thoughts I'm sharing means just a little to you...then I recommend that you get his book immediately! Dylan brought His love into my life--the important kind--the Jesus kind...

If you have been disgruntled, disgusted, or agonizing over the pain and violence in today's world. Dylan will speak to you. If you have been disappointed by work, by the church, or by the political world, then Dylan has something to share with you. For me, there was quite a lot; for you it might just be one thing. But maybe that one thing has been preventing you from moving forward in your life...  The Prodigal Prophet is an autobiography to some extent; but I think because of where he lived, or the time in which he lived  his early years, there is much that may parallel your own.

You see, this is about Dylan's spiritual life. And he lived in Ireland during all that happened based upon religion! Dylan had met Jesus at an early age and had become very involved... He is still involved today, but in a very different way! I am thankful for his sharing what he went through to get where he is right now.

It was in the 1950s in conservative Northern Ireland where he was born... He was a Protestant. One of those who had won over the Catholics. Readers will share his early life within a family who sold fruit and vegetables to local markets. It was a small book given to him that helped him find God's Spirit.

During the years, he became more and more involved. And during the 60s and 70s, he was introduced to the Jesus people and various other denominations. He was actively within a specific group's administration...And then he wasn't... Was it really possible that his leader had become worried and jealous about Dylan's role? He had been his mentor and Dylan found it difficult to understand. This short paragraph is merely an overview, but years are covered as Dylan is searching for all that was available to him...

One of the issues that came to him was that the church was just as hierarchical as other organizations, including a search for power...and money...

He fell in love with Zan and married, soon to have a child Ben who had died. His cry to God had not helped to save him. As with all churches, organizations,, there are always good people as well as those who look toward other gods for happiness. There were many there to help them through this tragedy.

Dylan had been given the gift of prophecy, but soon found that not everybody was willing to have him share to their congregations.

While surrounding Dylan's life, the book provides an excellent chronology and overview of the various movements that have captured the attention within Christian faiths, such as the Charismatic movement and others that I had not heard of. Many came from America but then were led by those living wherever Dylan and his family were located at any given time. At one point they had moved to California and other locations on the west coast, but then returned home.

And then Dylan was receiving not only messages for others but was dreaming and learning about what he was supposed to do as well. For one thing, God was taking over: "Unknown to me, though, Divine Providence was about to intervene in our faltering pilgrimage..."

I don't often read other reviews until after I've posted mine, but I did just now...and the majority of reviewers said that much of what Dylan has written is close to their own truths...  Doesn't that, in itself, speak to you? We are those that still believe...but have questioned the validity of teachings and structures of organized religion.

Have you heard the Voice? Maybe a long time ago? Or maybe not at all? But you think there has to be more? You are disillusioned with today's world. No promises, of course, for Dylan's book is not from a televangelist or major religious leader. All Dylan is doing is sharing his life's story with you...

Oh, I could add that He told him to...

YOU will know whether this book is for you...Hear that whisper?


Dylan Morrison is an Irish spiritual author and out of the box Yeshua thinker, now resident in the beautiful English cathedral city of Lincoln.
A mathematics high school teacher in a previous incarnation he became an author after a two totally unexpected mystical experiences gate crashed his humdrum life in June 2004.
Dylan writes from a stream of consciousness, particularly for those damaged by or curious about the psycho-spiritual religious world.
His aim is to remove the religious packaging from around the historical Nazarene prophet, Yeshua, inviting his readers into a practical experience of Yeshua's spirituality.
Dylan's first book 'The Prodigal Prophet', a 'Wizard of Oz' meets Bunyan's 'Pilgrim's Progress', details his roller coaster journey in search of the Divine in the often whacky but deeply tragic world of Irish evangelical religion.
Dylan's wife Zan is glad that he writes - it gives her a few hours each day to enjoy the peace and quiet that such a literary endeavour requires.
Dylan's second book 'Way Beyond The Blue', a 21st century take on the mystical search for meaning is soon to be published.

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