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Trinity Game Thriller by Sean Chercover Has It All!

He read the username in the chat window.
PapaLegba. He didn't know anyone 

who went by that handle, but he 
knew what it meant.
Papa Legba was a prominent loa in voodoo
mythology. Guardian of the Crossroads,
facilitator of communication between the
material and spirit worlds, between the living
and the dead. A storyteller--and sometimes a
Daniel types: This is Daniel Byrne.
Who am I speaking with?
After a few seconds, the person on the other
end wrote: And you will know the truth, and
the truth will make you free.
John 8:32. Who are you?
You seek the truth. Trinity is the Path. We
can help..."

The Trinity Game

By Sean Chercover

There are a number of angles from which you could approach talking about this book. There are so many parts that could be explored--so many characters that play a significant role in this complex, unique, comprehensive that I mean that if you were thinking about a religious thriller, you might select a particular denomination or sect--not so...

So I'm choosing to hone in on Trinity himself...If some of you have my background, with a mother that followed Jimmy and Tammy, Jimmy Swaggart, etc., you will recognize other televangelists who've had a similar platform as Tim Trinity - the prosperity platform. One minister built a huge organization, including the establishment of a university named after him. You know, the interesting thing is that I don't think I've ever heard any major criticisms about that minister... Although others have fallen from grace for one reason or another, many times because of how they spent donated money.

Tim Trinity had a strong following at the beginning... But he was, indeed, all about the money...

He had always been a con man...

After his parents had died, Daniel Byrne had come to live with his uncle and, at first, had faithfully followed the teaching of his Uncle Tim... Until he was old enough to start questioning what he was seeing in reality...

Actually, I believe Daniel is really the main character, but, no matter, his uncle brought about the Trinity Game...even if he didn't plan to... Does that sound confusing? It should, because I'm trying not to give too much away...

Daniel had walked out of his uncle's life while he was still a teenager...and guess what, he walked right into a catholic church environment. He admitted he was looking for a "real" miracle...

And that church knew exactly how to use Daniel's quest...he was placed in a somewhat hidden job within the church. It was his job to be sent out across the world to "debunk" anybody who claimed that a miracle had occurred. And, before you think it, let me express my opinion that miracles do occur--but many are cons, scams...whatever you want to call it... In fact, Daniel, during his investigation of 721 cases, had never found a miracle.

Until the word spread that Tim Trinity was speaking in tongues...

There was concern about sending Daniel to investigate, but his "boss" knew that he was the best--and he was also one of the few within the Church that knew of Daniel's reasons for leaving his former home. So, he vouched for him and Daniel flew out to "debunk" his uncle--officially!

Instead, what he did, first, was, since he still loved the woman with whom he had been involved before he went to become a priest...And, with her present job as a journalist, he thought he could use it as an excuse to contact her...I'll let you find out about that relationship; however, she and her photographer did come to play a big part in Daniel's investigative efforts...only to conclude that Tim was not faking!

And worse, that he was making predictions, while speaking in tongues, that were all coming true...

All of which brought out the "witch-hunters" who were not happy with this development that could change--their worlds! Whew! What a story! The ending had both sad and happy results and, dare I say, just as God had planned??? It really doesn't matter whether you believe that's possible--this thriller has something for everybody, including   those who follow voodoo, Catholicism, protestants, heroes, gambling, miracles, love, or...the truth...I loved this one! For many reasons!



Sean Chercover is a dual citizen, born to a Canadian father and an American mother. He grew up in Toronto and spent childhood summers in Georgia. After earning a Liberal Arts degree from Columbia College Chicago, he worked as a private investigator in Chicago and New Orleans. His other professions have included television writer, video editor, support diver, waiter, encyclopedia salesman, and some best forgotten. After a series of corporate PR writing gigs drove Sean insane, he settled down to write fiction in earnest.

He is the author of the crime novels BIG CITY BAD BLOOD,TRIGGER CITY, and THE TRINITY GAME, as well as short stories that have appeared in a number of anthologies. His work has received the Anthony, Shamus, CWA Dagger, Dilys, Crimespree, Gumshoe and Lovey awards, and has been shortlisted for the Edgar, MacAvity, Barry, ITW Thriller and Arthur Ellis.

He lives with his wife and son in Toronto, where you can find him running in the ravines with his bionic dog.

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