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I'd Join The Society of Scoundrels Sponsored by Doug Boren!

Pirates Revenge:
Part of the Alexander Family Chronicles

  By Doug Boren

Behind every action adventure, there is always personal stories of individuals--people who became what they were in life, many times by happenstance--but sometimes from the "dastardly deeds" of others! Even in the Society of Scoundrels, there were many who became pirates because they liked to fight--they were quick to take a drink, quick to take offense, and quick to start fighting. And if those fun things could lead to money, all the better! Many of these individuals took to the seas sailing to various ports or conquering other ships on the seas, taking whatever was being shipped to another place for their own, most times killing all on board and sinking the ships they had attacked, if they had not already gone under due to the damage from their cannons...

But there were also many who had turned to piracy because of the deceit and theft of others, those who were already wealthy and continued in their thirst for power, regardless of how they got it...

That's why I would have joined the Society of Scoundrels if it had happened to me! LOL

Readers will meet Maggie, a young servant girl who was beaten and raped by a visiting friend of her boss. He, of course, wouldn't accept the truth when he was told of the attack. And when she became pregnant, he dismissed her in order not to be tainted by the gossip. Maggie had a son who she called Rafe. She had met and fallen in love with a captain who worked for the government, sailing a ship. They were to be married but Maggie was killed on the streets by thugs shortly before and Rafe had too late come to her rescue, but had killed her attackers...The police considered him guilty as well! He ran to the ship owned by Maggie's lover and was immediately taken on as a cabin boy, learning as much as he could about sailing... But when he learned what had happened to his mother and learned who his real father was, his only thought was--revenge!

And when the man who had taken him in and raised him discovered that the government had reneged on his financial payments and property grants, he was penniless and had no choice but to take to the seas as a pirate... But there were limits to what he would do and he taught Rafe that there was no reason for killing when unnecessary--but then he was killed! By then they had become part of the Society of Scoundrels--and was loyal to the Black Widow!

Ah, the Black Widow was a beautiful woman! At one point she had faced a traumatic experience. From that day, she had known nothing but blackness in her life--she had become ruthless and showed no mercy as she captained the ship now renamed after her. She was just a bit mad and while she continuously planned her own revenge, she was quite willing to take everything in her path. Soon she had built a hidden stronghold that soon became a town...Soon individual captains came into her town seeking the protection and friendship offered. Slaves that had escaped were pleased to be accepted as equals and served on the small fleet that she was slowly building. Her tactics soon became known and feared--just the sight of the various flags that were flown on each ship ensured surrenders. Those who did not found themselves surrounded by two or three ships and soon were captured and later sunk...

Rafe was attracted to the Widow and soon they became friends, then lovers...It didn't mellow the Widow's need for revenge though--because Rafe's own needs were merged--they found that the tyrants in their pasts were the same men!

Battles at sea were the norm at that time. Pirates were fast gaining control and were the terrorists that attacked, no matter what country... Soon individual countries had lost so many ships that they were unable to respond to the needs of their respective lands... Wealthy land owners/shippers were losing everything they had to the pirates as well...

Pirates of the Caribbean Indeed! You may have seen the movies, but Doug Boren takes us deep into the lives of many of the captains--leaders of the ships that had turned to piracy. The story cannot be changed to ever forget what damage was done by those scoundrels. But we see a side of those individuals that you've perhaps never thought of. Based upon some historical facts about those men and women who were actively working to plunder ships and towns, Boren, nevertheless, looks at those ancestors of many of us, who may have had no choice, but to turn their backs on former lives...

Those who love action and adventure will get their fill! Sword fights, knives, pistols, cannons and other "stolen" weapons available at that time, walking the plank, burning and killing...with the reward of riches and supplies to live on...It happened historically! But I loved the underlying stories of the characters, including those in minor roles, such as the Indian who asked to join the ship and became Rafe's friend, after the love of his life had been raped and committed suicide... Invaders to the Americas were just like now--good and evil. Boren has created a fascinating tale of the individuals who were, perhaps, on both sides of any given battle. And he has done it without any loss of the thrills, danger and suspense that we all love.

An intriguing glimpse at our history from a totally different perspective, in my opinion. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended!


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