Thursday, August 2, 2012

Joan Sargent Thrills With Possibility of Multiple Lives!

"A fortuitous legacy," she said, staring out
beyond the room. She turned back, studied me,
smiled, then put her hand over mine. "I'll be
right back." She returned not more than five
minutes later, holding something in her right
hand. She sat down next to me again, gently
pulled my wrist toward her and opened out my
palm. I felt something cool and smooth drop
into it, her fingers closing mine around it. I
opened my hand and looked down.
"A turquoise stone.
I looked back at her. "Is this...?"
"Yes. It is...
"I now believed that..."


By Joan M. Sargent

Turkoise is a fascinating story. Even if you have no real thoughts about reincarnation, the concept of returning after death, over and over into other lives, is intriguing, especially when you have a story created so beautifully and explained so carefully and with such imagery as is done by Joan M. Sargent.

If you've loved someone very much, you hate the thought of living without that loved one...

Claire was such a woman...

Emily Reidell, a journalist, met her through the love of her life, Nick Turner, a psychiatrist. Horribly, Nick was killed before they were married--just days before. Emily was devastated...

And went into depression, understandably. But soon family and friends were worried about her--she had to go on without Nick; she had to begin a new life... And, little by little, at her own pace, she began to remember a conversation with Nick about one of his patients who was having dreams and he was using hypnosis to help her understand her experiences.

Emily had kidded--that she just knew she had been Cleopatra. Going on, that dreams were just made up stories. Surprisingly Nick agreed that could be possible--that they could be what was called "Healing Fictions..."

Now Emily was faced with the box that contained the case file of Claire. Nick had already received permission to share her records with Emily and possibly use them in some way, to share Claire's story...

Imagine if you would, going to bed nightly and having the dream du jour--you might travel to Kyoto, Japan and remember a beautiful day with your beloved...

The next night may be horrible as you wind up in Colonial Virginia as a slave...

So it was that when Emily began to review the materials, she found that a dream might have taken Claire to Anjou, France in the year 1273 AD, while another revealed that she was in Santorni, Greece,  in 1628 BC...Turkoise, then, is the book telling us full stories of several of the six previous lives of Claire as merged and edited by Emily Reidell...

But, of course, you would know that a journalist would never stop there--she had to know if Claire was alive and what had happened! Wouldn't you want to know? After all, a never-ending love had begun, according to the case file, in 1628 BC and continued through 1838 AD ending in California...But that was all historical lives she had lived! What was happening, right now, in the present time? Was she in love, married, dead to live another life, finding her lost love, only to have one or the other killed, just like Emily's Nick?

Emily had to know! And you will too as you visit each of those lives where Claire had again loved...and lost...

Surely, if you have read this much, you will know that this is a must-read for all those who have loved someone! Would that be YOU?


Joan began her career in communications just out of U.C. Berkeley as one of the founding staff of Ten Speed Press. From there, it was a twenty-year career as an award-winning copywriter and marketing strategist for top retail corporations and start-ups in Los Angeles and San Francisco. A seasoned world explorer who has walked mountain ranges on three continents, Joan was a member of the first international team to discover dozens of galleries of aboriginal rock art on Australia’s Cape York Peninsula, and was the first American woman to solo navigate the perilous Cairns-Burketown track across Australia’s top end. Today, when not writing, Joan can be found taking photos or noodling Blues riffs on her Strat.
In the 1990′s Joan suddenly found herself living every writer’s dream: her own roomy garret and plenty of time to write. But life threw a few curve balls her way, and for eight years she wrestled with writer’s block. Then came the fateful afternoon when her newly acquired rescue dog went one direction on a leash, while Sargent went another. Sargent’s head slammed full force into the edge of a door, she saw stars, and was diagnosed with a concussion. Then, slowly, as if she had received a Zen wake-up call, her creativity returned.

Find out more about how she came to write this book on her web site! It is almost as interesting as her book!


  1. This sounds like a fascinating book. I haven't heard of it before- but the storyline is very intriguing. I enjoyed your review and look forward to checking out this book.


    1. Thanks for your feedback Jess. This book is just out so I'm glad you checked my review...I think you'll enjoy it as much as I did!