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Fantasy Series by M. L. Lacy: Adult Fairy Tales...

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By M. L. Lacy

Into Fantasy? You may have missed this in the past...but I highly recommend you take a look at this series. If you are enjoying Grimm on TV like I have, you may find that there are just as many fantasy creatures in these books. In fact, you will enter a world where there are humans and all the fantasy "types" you may have ever read about--giants, vampires, werewolves, witches, etc. All classified as "magicals..."

I was surprised that it had been three years since the first book came out. Surprised because as I began to read Trepidation, I remembered all the characters and story line. Of course, the author has shared so much via her books that average over 400 pages each! As an aside, if you are really "into" fantasy, I recommend you start the series from the beginning...

I referred to the series as "adult" because, according to custom in the magicals world, there is an exchange and sharing of partners within their Clans. Lacy does an admirable job, however, in keeping the scenes almost chaste. You see, the main character, "The Chosen One" is still part human. When she was first introduced into the magicals environment, she was quite shy and inexperienced and could not imagine being involved with anybody besides the man she loved. 

Aubrey had been chosen by The Elders long ago to be the final "Chosen One." Since she was introduced to who she really was in The Awakening, she has grown accustomed to her life and, more than anybody realizes, has become more magical than anybody knows, especially her main enemies!
Additionally, she has read and absorbed all of the knowledge from the former elders...

In addition to updating us on the lives of magicals, in this novel we meet the former "chosen ones," who have been living in a castle, who help in her latest attack from Esmeralda and her followers. One funny event is when the castle opens all doors to Aubrey, while deciding to lock its doors, including the one little room where it had earlier allowed Esmeralda to live--she is forever locked out!

And that was mainly because Aubrey had taken a stand! Against the recommendations of her clan, family and other followers, Aubrey demands her rightful place on the magical council, refusing to have her blood tested (to determine how far along she has changed to becoming a magical) and proves her right by magically creating a tea party scene in the Council Building...a building that also had been free from the use of magic until she was ready! But Aubrey has learned well that "no rules apply to her!"  

And one other small addition is that Aubrey's "fifth" of her "Special Seven" has been identified and we are privy to the beginnings of their relationship. What does that mean? Well, she has seven partners in her life...but has so far only connected with five, all of whom routinely visit and spend intimate time with her...  

I especially enjoyed this third book. It was a lot of fun watching the chosen one finally take a stand against everybody, including all of her male protectors and guards! And when her other sister chosen ones come into the act, it sets the time for both male and females to fight the battles that must be fought! The most important being to heal the relationships with humans so that they can live safely and happily with the magicals. This one got me excited--because I'm already wondering what is going to happen next!

Have fun with this one! A truly fantastic fantasy world, don't you think?


"Esmeralda's heart was pounding with her excitement as she realized what she could have. She saw the beauty in the beast before her and her heart ached for its touch.

"The dragons turned to the captives and fed upon them as everyone watched. No screams were heard from the confined prisoners. No struggles were given. The only sound to drift out of the arena was that of teeth crunching bone, and it filled the night. Esmeralda felt a soft shiver of elation as she watched the dragons morph back into their magical form. Those robed in red wrapped the white robes around their naked loves and then they disappear into the forest.

"Are you impressed?" his throaty voice brushed her ear.

"The ritual had captured Esmerald's attention, and she hadn't realized the host of the night's event was standing behind her. She straightened. Her hands smoothed the fabric of her cloak as she turned to face him. Her violet eyes reflected the fire's light back at him.

"David. Yes, I am," she said. Her eyes studied the man that once was her eternity. But her passion for finding her demon and his passion for finding his dragon had torn them apart. "Where did you find them?" she questioned...

"She smiled as she began to understand why he had asked for her to come...He still had the powerful gray eyes that had held her spellbound on so many occasions...

"Is that why you asked me here? Because you want my demon?"


M.L. Lacy is the author of the Chrysalis Series (The Awakening,Tribulations, and Trepidation) and the upcoming Starburst Series.

M.L. Lacy was awarded first place in the Rebecca's Read's 2010 Written Art Award for her book The Awakening in the Fiction: Science Fiction/Fantasy category.

M.L. Lacy is married and lives in far north Fort Worth, Texas.

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  1. I have read all 3 books, and enjoyed them very much. The story line pulls you in to the world of Bree. And brings you center stage with all the players and their actions. From the first chapter to the last one in book three. I have felt like I was part of her (Bree's) world.This story is much better than what is on Tv at this time. I can't wait to see what happens next in her life. Looking forward to the next book.

  2. Hi...thanks so much for adding your thoughts! I probably don't watch as much fantasy as you do on TV and Grimm is really quite different from this you are probably right about your evaluation...I do know that the magicals are much Nicer than on Grimm...LOL!

    Thanks again!