Thursday, June 21, 2012

R. S. Guthrie Wants to Introduce You To Black Beast...

black beast: 
a clan of macaulay novel

by R. S. Guthrie

The boy had died during the exorcism. Now Father Macauley was in the hospital, discovering he’d lost one of his legs...had he really killed the Black Beast?

Bobby Mac had lost a leg as well...

Bobby Mac entered the Executive Suite—what they called the location for inmates who were scheduled to be terminated—Durning had killed a cop, Bobby Mac’s partner and he had lost his leg in the same shooting.  He wasn’t there to forgive Durning. Durning asked only one thing, for him to hold his sister, Lucinda’s hand as he was dying...But he also told him something strange had happened when they robbed that store...

Bobby Mac is still on the job and has suffered through a series of different leg replacements, the most recent being a C-leg. He had just been called in to a double homicide where both bodies had been mutilated.

Just a routine cop procedural? NOT! 

But even as he started working the case, he couldn’t stop wondering whether Durning had been telling the truth—he seemed to think that his partner had been killed on purpose... Had he been a dirty cop?

And then Bobby Mac had a visitor. A Father West had come to deliver a journal... It was then that he learned the truth about his family and that he was a member of the Macauley Clan...and so much more that was almost unbelievable!

It was soon that he realized that his past was merging with his present. He had been given a crucifix--it was his turn to face the Black Beast...

This is one of those books that is so integrated and so mysteriously intertwined that I am hesitant to say too much to prevent a spoiler. Let me just say that it is certainly recommended for your consideration...The legend that follows the clan family is wonder about fate, religion, and so much more as you meet each character...once you start, you'll keep reading!

The novel for me had somewhat of the flavor of the Grimm TV program, with Grimm learning after he had been working as a cop exactly who he was. But the supernatural part is totally different and had much to offer in complementing solving brutal murders. Guthrie successfully merged the two and created a paranormal story like no other. This is the first in a series and certainly will capture fans. The main character is not only well written, his introspection allows readers to get to know him perhaps a little better than many other books allow. I look forward to future additions.

For those who love cop stories merged with the paranormal...check this one out!


R.S. Guthrie has been writing fiction and non-fictional essays since college. “Black Beast” is his first published novel. He has been working on a second novel: a story set in his home state of Wyoming, where much land is still wild and untouched. The first chapter of "Dark Prairies" wsa recently accepted for publication on New West.

The author currently lives in Colorado with his beautiful wife, Amy, two Australian Shepherds, and a Chihuahua who fervently believes she is an Aussie.

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