Sunday, June 3, 2012

Need A Print Designer? Ask for Robert...

Robert's on Facebook! Link Below! And Look For Me!

Robert Zaharychuk

Print Designer!

Once in a while, I get requests to review something a little different, but still related to publishing. On LinkedIn, I connected with this young man and he asked for an endorsement. Normally, I wouldn't do it if I didn't know the quality of that individual's work...but Robert easily gave me sufficient proof of his skills!

I applaud this young man for taking the initiative to expand his business by blind contacts. Kudos Robert! Of your work, I've selected several that I especially liked and am using them here to demonstrate what you're into!

This is a simple design that says so much in the blogging world we live in!

I could see using a large version of this on my office wall, or as a computer background.
Use of computer shorthand symbols adds an up-to-date touch, don't you think?
Wouldn't This Be a Great Logo for An E-Publisher!!!!?

Personally, I think Robert has not only demonstrated his imaginative design expertise, but also his initiative, drive, and marketing skills... Check Robert out when you need his support!


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