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The Nose Knows - Fantastic Debut for Holly Lewitas!


The Nose Knows:
  A Spunky Mystery

By Holly L. Lewitas

I like mysteries and enjoy the variety when an animal is I immediately chose to read about Spunky! Then I received a pleasant surprise when our other animal characters were cats! Some of you may have read that I collect cat mystery Holly Lewitas will be slid in along with Lillian Braun, Rita Mae Brown, et. al., That is, as long as her cats--Fearless, Bobby, Sweetie and Fancy Pants--continue in the series! LOL... Just kidding! I loved Spunky's debut book! Click to his site to read his short welcome...and more!

Our Site!

Our Mom is Dr. Hannah Richards, a psychologist...well, at least she did have a practice until one of her patients took her hostage years ago. Talk about PTSD! She had to stop working! So all of us take special care of her, especially when strangers are around. You see, her husband died so she lives alone except for us!

But now she has to go back to work! And that was a scary thought for her!

So, being the up-to-date Mom that she is, she fixed it so that she could "meet" her clients via computers! How cool! And when the clients sign in, they think she is in the next office, but she's really at home...and all of us surround her as she works!

She's been doing much better with this and has gained the confidence (and computer expertise) to develop an online group session. You'll meet some of her clients, but if you do, you have to promise confidentiality, just like we do, not to tell anybody about any of those in the group! OK?

Now those of you who routinely use computers probably know what happened next! A Hacker!

All of a sudden, Mom was no longer in control of her group, somebody was listening and tracking!

Well, we really had no choice--we ALL had to start a regular protection detail of our Mom... And as we did, slowly, we saw things that needed attention and worked as hard as we could to let Mom know!

And, of course, we know "how"? Well, here's hoping you'll buy the book with my handsome picture on the cover!

Ahhh, excuse me now, my friends are already taking their nap, and [yawn] boy, I need to catch up!

Well, when Spunky asked to have the opportunity to meet the readers at Book Reader's Heaven, I didn't know that he was going to practically tell the whole story that I normally would have shared--but I think he did a good job of letting you know that it is Spunky and his friends that truly solve the case and save Mom from again being hurt... Of course there was quite a bit of human intervention involved, including the group members who felt they had been violated as well--so joined in to meet publicly and to make sure that hacker/criminal was caught.

Pets are wonderful to live with--but when you can also find them in a cozy animal mystery--well, you just have to be the type of individual who loves what they love! Like me, of course! If you are, then you won't want to miss The Nose Knows by Holly Lewitas! Highly recommended, especially if you love animals!


Holly L. Lewitas is a registered nurse. She has held management positions in psychiatry, developmental disabilities, and home health care. For over a decade, she and her husband, Alvin, ran their own home health agency in Chicago. Now a widow, she lives in Alabama, surrounded by her rescued critters--the stars of The Nose Knows. Holly is busy finishing the next book in the Spunky Mystery series.

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  1. Spunky, Fearless, Bobby, Sweetie, Fancy-Pants and I want to thank you for for generous review. We are now working on the cover for Book 2 and we have almost finished writing Book 3 - so there are a lot more adventures to come - and YES - All of Spunky's feline cohorts will be in every story. Hey, they're her best buds! Stay tune for more!

  2. I loved the book too! I can't wait for the second one to come out! Spunky keeps you guessing what she is up to next! I couldn't put the book down, it is a page turner for sure!