Friday, June 8, 2012

Callinan's New Series/Main Character is Winner!

The Immortality Plot:

a Mike Delaney Thriller

By David Callinan

In a recent article, David Callinan talks about whether a villain should ever be continued. Callinan had just published the first novel in this new Mike Delaney Thriller. I do enjoy series, and Mike Delaney is a man who definitely is one to capture your attention!...

The Villain? Well, he wasn't caught in the first book, so even though he was worthy of hatred, I believe he should at least be "captured" before readers will be happy.

Although...this villain is quite unique and very good in The Immortality Plot...

The media has dubbed him "The Priest" which is rather ironic since Mike Delaney is using The Monk as a moniker... By the way, I've read all four of Callinan's thrillers so far and have been intrigued with his use of some sort of spiritual connection for each of his main characters, the latter because he has spent time studying in an oriental monastery... I'll let you find out why and how the villain has been so named, but I will tell you that he leaves absolutely nothing behind and is a contract assassin, but he also is a serial killer who murders for fun as well...

The concept of searching for immortality by the rich and powerful is not new, but everything else in this novel is, at least in my experience. As mentioned earlier, Mike Delaney is definitely unique--a sympathetic character who is easy for both men and women, I am sure, to enjoy. Mike had been saved during time in the service by his friend Bob Messenger, who was hit by a sniper instead of Delaney. Messenger is an important minor character, at least in this first novel. He is now confined to a wheel chair and has started a computer site which pulls together people across the world to gather, work or talk about unsolved crimes. It is Messenger who contacts Mike to get him involved in the latest of a series of murders of young women.

A tape has been loaded on their site from someone who claims to have murdered Maria Montalban (Mike's wife who worked under a different name). There was no choice--Mike Delaney would find this villain!

I love when there are a number of different plots to move a story forward. There is the relationship between Mike and Messenger, who saved his life... Then there are those that are "waiting in line" to be next to be given the immortality they crave, no matter that it takes another's life to do it...and then there is the villain! Although there is not much sexuality in the book, the multiple characters played by The Priest (he is a transvestite) is fascinating and, having created such a unique character, it is no wonder that the author is wondering whether to keep him to torture us throughout the series. I vote to go for it! But please make sure he's suitably disposed of by Mike before the series ends! I want to be there! This novel is a prime example of the good and evil in humanity. Fortunately, The Monk has The Priest on the run as this novel closes... Can't wait to see what happens!

Highly recommended!


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