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Name Assassins and Win!

English: Osama bin Laden interviewed for Daily...
English: Osama bin Laden interviewed for Daily Pakistan in 1997; behind him on the wall is an AK-47 carbine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BRH claims he was Assassinated! Agree?

Do you know more Assassins than me?

Your most unforgettable fictional assassins
Assassins exert an almost primeval fascination for many people, especially when characterised in fiction.
Which got me thinking and pondering.
I tried to think of a few literary assassins that still lived in my memory. The very idea of a 'favourite' assassin does beg a few interesting questions. Rather like the mailbag I received for my post 'Are Vampires dead and buried - permanently?' Some folks like to glamorize these types of characters and you can see why they have a visceral attraction.
Partly, I realised, trying to come up with a list of favourite assassins had more to do with  those I could remember. I went to an online source and was staggered at the sheer number of so-called assassins that confronted me - most of which I had never heard of.
Then again, I suppose people will confuse murder for assassination, well, yes, it's still murder...but not quite the same. The thought struck me how close to reality or unreality these fictional characters came.
In real life, people mourn for JFK and the conspiracy theorists keep on theorising. More controversially, perhaps, is the question: '...was Osama Bin Laden assassinated, murdered  or eliminated...' Just an idle speculation.

I'm not sure if cosmic comic book heroes fall into the great assassin category. If you have superpowers and you obliterate ordinary folk that haven't that's not quite the same thing.
I cannot think of a top ten but maybe you can (and you may need to do a little research!) Maybe I should send you a free copy of one of my books as a prize??? 
In no particular order the assassins I can remember are: Brutus (Julius Caesar), Silas (Da Vinci Code); The Jackal (The Day Of The Jackal); Oddjob (Goldfinger), well there's a start. I would include The Terminator but he does have a few futuristic powers that give him a great advantage. Ditto The League Of Assassins.
There you have it.
Come up with your top ten fictional assassins by, let's say JUNE 15th 2012, just list them in the comments box  below and don't forget to leave your email details. Final decision is mine. If I am in the mood I might declare two winners. Make sure you select the book you would like and include the title. It'll be an ebook version.
Good luck and happy assassinations.

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