Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just Out! Paul Callaghan Gives Pointers on Web Grammar

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Grammar Basics For the Web- 

 Sentences, Paragraphs and Punctuation. 

A Guide to Effective Writing Online [Kindle Edition]

Book Description. The series Grammar Basics for the Web deals with the building blocks of effective written English. This first volume tells how to create effective sentences and paragraphs and explains the use of essential punctuation.

Unlike many other books on grammar, Sentences, Paragraphs and Punctuation is aimed at the ordinary person who wishes to write for the web. You don't have to be an English Major to understand this information. The author's goal has been to make the complexities of English Grammar accessible to everyone.

Drawing on the author's twelve years of teaching High School English and a published writing career that covers three decades, Grammar Basics for the Web may be the tool that makes your writing stand out from the crowd and allow your content to be king.

Note: I do not normally share info about books I haven't read on my blog... but I made an exception for this because I don't have the time to review it, given my backlog!

However, here's my thoughts!

Grammar issues are UP in Kindle books!!!!! Lots of tiny errors that should have been caught!

Lots of errors created because the writer has incorrectly used "Grammar Check" It is NOT to be automatically used! It is merely a tool.

I've even posted on my Reviewers Roundup at Facebook that I thought maybe the conversion into the format may be the problem...

But, bottom line, the AUTHOR/WRITER is ALWAYS the one responsible for the material published.

I've been giving Kindle authors a slight break if their books have just been placed as an ebook... but that won't last forever. My maximum error rating for being willing to review a book is 30 errors (of any kind) Many books in Kindle have many, many more that this!

Writers: It is YOUR reputation!

If you must depend upon assistance in grammar, spelling, or any other issue in formatting a book for my opinion, you need to set aside some time to study!

This book is $5!

I'm just sayin'...

Paul Callaghan is a connection on LinkedIn...Check his credentials out and consider his new book based upon his don't need me to review this WHEN and IF you know you need it!


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  1. LOL...wish this book was able to tell me how the formatting got changed to this! Oh well, I'm leaving it, cause I can...

    But a writer of a book could never allow this to stay!

    Be cool! Have fun!