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Take A Drink and This Novel to Your Man-Cave for Long Weekend Read!

Coast Guard and StilettoCoast Guard and Stiletto (Photo credit: U.S. Coast Guard)
..."The Elbow ascended from the ocean floor like a mountain, its peak culminating
just below the sea's surface. At its sandy threshold lay the remains of centuries
of boats and ships that were lost or disabled. The mighty craft of kings,
admirals, and pirates, built of ancient timbers, milled wood, polished steel and
shiny Fiberglas now lay twisted, splintered, and decaying on the ocean floor.
Fortunes were won and lost running gold, guns, rum and other contraband
through this fragile link in America's border. This unforgiving path of the ocean
was located right in the heart of the Gulf Stream, the waters occupying the
territory between the Florida Keys and the western boundaries of the
"Amidst the turbulence, a lone 30-foot center console powerboat lay anchored
securely to the bottom. The bullet-shaped craft was custom-built for speed,
dark blue and gray with a tubular, canvas-covered top mounted to its helm.
Its name, Island Girl...sported three high-powered outboards that laid firmly
off her transom, the back of the boat, like sleeping dogs ready for the kill..."
Bobby Alazar was waiting for the delivery, one that he would take on to the
next step where the drugs would be delivered. Instead...
Mid Ocean

T. Rafael Cimino

Are you a boating enthusiast? Or do you like to delve directly into the action and watch as criminals plan, organize and carry through their activities? What we seen on television or in movies normally involves a set "case" that we see begin and end. In Mid Ocean, however, Cimino takes us directly into the drug business. We all know that drugs are illegally brought into the country. We may even sit back after a movie or watching the news on TV and wonder why so much makes it here. Yes, we deplore that the "demand" is clearly living high in our good ole USA, but, for me, I had not fully realized and experienced  the full scope and complexity of those men who are in this business...

What amazed me most was the breadth of involvement of individuals working for the drug business! Readers will watch as people are flying, for instance, to pick up the load...then one or more speed boats are put into action, while another man takes out the electricity for another step, while a worker at an elite country club for yachts arranges for the arrival of an incoming yacht...then a railroad car takes it the next step...and on and on!

At the same time, though, the FBI, the local police, the Coast Guard and other law officials are working not so publicly to track, indict, and capture those involved!

Mid Ocean moves steadily through all this maze of activity to arrive at an explosive action-packed, very satisfying ending, even though we know that the drug trade will go on and on... The reason I mentioned boat enthusiasts earlier is because of the detail provided for the involved boats, how they are made, put into the water, only to possibly be destroyed on their first use. The detail was a bit tedious for me, given I know little about boating; however, guys, if you have a man-cave to which you go to read as well as watch your favorite games, I highly recommend you take a drink with you and settle in for a novel deep with drama and true-life crimes!

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T. Rafael Cimino was born in Wayne, New Jersey in 1963. He is an American writer and film producer and is the youngest member of the Cimino Family of American film producers. He has been credited contributing to such films as "Lost in Translation", "A Love Song for Bobby Long", and "The Other Boleyn Girl" and the television series "Miami Vice" and "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." Cimino has also authored "MidOcean", Table 21", and "River Town." In 2008 he signed a five year contract with Akula Films and in 2009 started pre-production of "Table 21" as a major motion picture. He currently resides in Florida, New York, and Sofia, Bulgaria.

T. Rafael Cimino is the nephew of famed film director/ writer Michael Cimino.

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