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Mother/Son Authors Create YA Paranormal Fantasy Gem!

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..."Now it came about, when men began to multiply
on the face of the land, and daughters were born to
them, that the sons of God saw that the daughters
of men were beautiful; and they took wives for
themselves...The Nephilim were on the earth in
those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God
came in to the daughers of men, and they bore
children to them. Those were the mighty men who
were of old, men of renown..."


by Syrie James &
  Ryan M. James

All things in heaven and earth seem to be most popular to teens and others who enjoy paranormal fantasy and forbidden is a welcome addition! Lovers of The Guardian Series, by Ruby Moon-Houldson, together with a dash of TV's "The Charmed Ones" will undoubtedly enjoy the latest from Syrie James. For me, it was a flashback but updated contemporary revisit of the love between heavenly beings and humans that I found in The Guardian I loved it!

Claire Brennan has finally turned 16, becoming a woman, and gaining so very much more! She didn't immediately know what was happening, but fortunately she had two close friends who were there during one of the first times she was affected and so she wasn't as afraid as she could have been. Doing a little research online made them realize that Claire had had a psychic vision. But what had happened and why now? She didn't connect it but finally she was given the word--she had "awakened..."

In the meantime, a new student had come to school. Alec MacKenzie had come to Emerson Academy to hide! And the first day met Claire. Almost immediately she noticed something was different about him. She also had noticed he was quite good-looking, but she'd had a crush on another boy for so long, that she didn't immediately consider Alec. But he was considering her and even her best friends realized it! Neither knew what fate had done to them, in bringing them together...

Claire knew little about her past, including who her father was, so her investigation took her into her mother's room, to use her new power to possible find out more...and she did, but she still didn't share with her mother!

And then one day there was a near-death accident and Alec had saved Claire and her friends. Only Claire saw what had actually happened, though. Alec had performed with superior strength to save them--more than possible for a human? Could he be a vampire?! Her friends laughed when she proposed that, but were even more surprised when they all discovered the truth!

When Alec's godfather gets more involved, so does a lovely lady who comes to Claire psychically and who she later discovers in a hospital in a coma! But even unconscious, she worked to save Claire when she was hunted!

Many very cool scenarios make this book exciting, timely as it moved right into high school activities, including choir, prom, selection of a king/queen court, etc. and pulls in a heavenly host of cool characters! Although there are visions of violence, little actually takes place--some of these characters just won't die!

Young adults who have enjoyed the Twilight series will be just as intrigued with what I hope will become a new series. Highly recommended.

Book received via
Wunderkind PR

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