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Love Adventure? Check Out Mystery Merged with Mountains!

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"We arrived at Casa de Piedra shortly after noon the next day.
It had been an easy hike, the trail well marked through the
snow. The rise in elevation was only a big over 1500 feet,
not demanding at all. We'd followed a dry river valley most
of the way and so far had only caught glimpses of the majestic
vistas for which the Andes are so noted. The route I'd taken
previously had been far more panoramic, even in the first days.
But from the right location here you could see Aconcagua
looming 12,000 feet above us. It was imposing, "bigger than
God," one of the climbers noted. The Polish Glacier, which
would be our route, was clearly visible on its west side,
facing the valley from which we would approach it..."
Murder on Aconcagua:

A Summit Murder Mystery

By Charles G. Irion
  and Ronald J. Watkins

Those of you who enjoy winter sports and maybe even have had your sights on climbing some of the highest mountains around will be thrilled to learn of the Summit Murder Mystery series! Together the two authors have both professional and actual experience to create a realistic escape to the summit of the highest mountains in the world: Everest, Elbrus, Mt. McKinley, Puncak Jaya, Aconcagua, Vinson Massif, and Kilimanjaro.

Readers will learn of the climbing experience itself, seeing both the dangers and the exhilaration in accomplishing  a major physically challenging feat...especially in the winter! Other than the professionals who hosted the climb, Scott Devlon was the only other experienced climber and he had also been brought into a surveillance job during the trip. At least Scott had been on this mountain before and had some knowledge; however, climbing during this time of the year was a lot more dangerous. Would he have tried it if there wasn't another reason for him to be there?

In fact, Devlon wasn't sure that there was anybody here who were climbing just for the pure adventure of it!

Because Aconcagua was known to be haunted...

And legend claimed that there were still descendants of the Incas when they had been driven from their home by the Spanish invaders. It was also said that there was much gold, and idols that could give great power and prosperity. But nobody knew where this city was--it was considered a "sacred place..."

But many people also lived near Aconcagua and had traveled in the area...and with the right amount of money were willing to sell anything! It was known that a number of powerful men were seeking the idols, but who was there on behalf of those political giants and who was there to steal and artifacts? The ramifications of finding and claiming ownership over these precious artifacts, if they were really found, could mean significant political disruption in the area!

The search for, finding and death that came there on Aconcagua--was it worth it? And if the idols were found where were they now?

The authors give readers an intimate look into struggling for oxygen as the mountaineers went further up into freezing temperatures, through blizzards, fighting injuries, especially to their feet... adventure lovers will be thrilled! Mystery lovers will enjoy the hunt, learning what was found and looking toward what will occur in the next book! Exhilarating setting with an exciting treasure hunt! What more could you ask for?! Highly recommended!

Book Received from
Irion Books, Inc.


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