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Close of Trilogy by Alexandrea Weis Wonderfully Satisfying!

To My Senses

By Alexandrea Weis

When I had the chance to review Sacrifice, the final book in a trilogy and began to read....well, after about 20 pages, I just stopped. I knew I would not be satisfied if I didn't formally meet David Alexander, the artist who created the series of paintings that featured Nicci Beauvoir, the main female character. So I took the time to purchase this first novel--and thoroughly enjoyed reading about the love affair between Nicci and David!

Of course, there was considerable drama and suspense beyond the romance! For one, David was already involved with someone--she happened to be acting as his "patron" during his stay in New Orleans but she also happened to be the main competitor to the family scrap metal business run by her father and would have been hers one day, if she wanted it. Instead, Nicci had decided to study to become a nurse while she continued her real love to have a writing life. I might point out now that Weis has done an excellent presentation of the city of New Orleans, both before and after Katrina struck and the devastation of that time period. Readers are brought intimately into the life style, the food as well as the delightful characters she has created to tell her story! Bravo!

As the relationship with David becomes more serious, however, she realizes that David seems to know quite a bit about her father's business as well as that of his patron and while she tries to learn more, she succumbs to the family members to match her with an appropriate member of society, introducing her to Dr. Michael Fagle, who, she later discovers is quite different from the man he presents to his wealthy clients and friends with whom he seeks acceptance.

Nicci is so devastated by what has happened between her and David, that she has no concern for her life and is slowly walked into a situation with Michael that she does not want nor has the strength to escape...

Readers will quickly become both empathic as well as sympathetic as Nicci struggles to deal with all that is claiming her attention, while her emotions are caught back with David...The ending will catch readers off guard completely and will be just as dramatic to them as it was to Nicci! Having come backwards to this novel, I highly recommend that potential readers start with this book. You will see that other reviewers were also complelled to ensure they read this first book...and end with Sacrifice this is the latest and final! Kudos to Weis for an outstanding 3-book story, in my opinion!

Please take the time to read my review of Recovery here at Book Reader's Heaven if you haven't previously read Alexandrea Weis!


By Alexandrea Weis

By now readers of the trilogy will find that Nicci Beauvoir had been pulled into David Alexander's business and asked by his boss to work with one of his co-workers to find out who had murdered David...They conducted the investigation (in Recovery) while pretending that Nicci and Dallas August had fallen madly in love.

And indeed they were moving in that direction, even to the extent of living together...

But when Nicci comes back to New Orleans for her cousin's wedding, she sees a man in a crowd that she believes is David Alexander! Only she knows that she has continued to love David like no other man, even though she has become intimatey involved with Dallas. Dallas is now to a point that he wants to make final plans to spend the rest of his life with Nicci as his wife...Sometimes, even Nicci has thought she should marry him...

Even though it is unlikely that David was not murdered, especially since Nicci saw him at the morgue, she has no choice--she must make sure! In the back of her mind, she remembered that she had really not seen David's face clearly. Hope sprang once again! She would not give up until she was absolutely sure this time!

In doing so, however, she must go even deeper into the business that David was in--let me just say that it wasn't entirely legal...

And new paintings of Jenny (the series created by David with Nicci as the one and only model) have been on the market! And Nicci knows that she did not sit for them! Are they forgeries? Or is David painting them? Only Nicci can help document these new paintings as created by Alexander...and she is dangerously caught in the clutches of those who are trying to sell them... While Dallas is trying unsuccessfully to keep her out of the whole mess that has restarted!

"Sex is always part of the plan for getting anything out of a man, Nicci. You're a woman who has bedded at least two men I know who have had sizable sexual appetites. Use your experiences with David and Dallas to lure Gregory Caston to give up his secrets. Just get me what I need and don't let your principles stand in the way. He took a step toward the car in front of him. "Get in and I will have Gerard take you home." he directed in a cold tone..."
I love a completely satisfying ending, don't you? Nicci had been caught most of her life by family and then men who tried to possess her to own her, to make decisions for her future. But by doing that, all of these individuals had refused to learn and know the true Nicci! Readers will know all by the time they finish Sacrifice! And I guarantee though each book is a great read separately, you will be only totally satisfied by reading the trilogy. I know, I had to go back and start at the beginning before I even would begin to read Sacrifice! A truly exceptional romantic suspense set in the remarkable New Orleans! What more can I say?!



Alexandrea Weis is a registered nurse from New Orleans who has been published in several nursing journals and textbooks. She has been writing novels and screenplays for over twenty years. Her first novel, To My Senses, was a finalist for commercial fiction in Eric Hofer Book Awards, a finalist for romance in the Foreword Magazine book of the Year awards, and a finalist for romance in the USA Book Awards. Her second novel, Recovery, won the Gold Medal for best romantic suspense from The Reader's Favorite Book Awards and was named best Romantic Suspense by the NABE Pinnacle Book Awards in 2011.Buyer Group International, an independent production company in Austin, has optioned the motion picture rights for Recovery.Her third book, Sacrifice, closes out the Nicci Beauvoir Series. Her fourth book, highlighting her love of rehabbing wildlife, called Broken Wings comes out in Dec 2011.

Ms. Weis is also a permitted wildlife rehabber with the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries and when she is not writing, Ms. Weis is rescuing orphaned and injured wildlife. She lives outside of New Orleans with her husband and a menagerie of pets.

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