Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Full of Action and Suspense - A Great Read!

Horse farm in Lovrečina bay, island of Brač, C...
"Beth moved toward Lucy's head. "Can't let her roll."
Which was exactly what Lucy had in mind. The mare
turned onto her back. Hooves flailed in the air. Beth
jumped to the side, but not before a thrashing hoof
caught her on the calf. Her leg went out from under
her, and she fell onto her hip in the straw. Another
hoof missed her skull by inches. Beth ducked and
rolled out of the way, coming up against the wall
She Can Run

By Melinda Leigh

Nobody knew who Elizabeth Baker was or why she had been hired...

She had shown up at the Pennsylvania estate ready to take on her new job and, at least, she had the knowledge and  easy way with the horses that showed she could indeed run the estate. But her new boss had died since she had been hired...

Nephew Jack O'Malley, has been injured and retired for the moment but his former position as a homicide detective leaves him confused and wanting to know what has been happening! He had been selected by his uncle to receive the estate, but even that had a condition to it...staying there...and he wasn't sure that was what he wanted for the future...But the place had been his home for long visits throughout his life and he was still dealing with the loss of his uncle.

Shocked to find her new boss gone, Elizabeth began to immediately consider where she and her two children could go. She had already cut off all ties to where they had last stayed, knowing that it was no longer safe for the man who had opened his home to her. But where could they go and not be found--she knew that her husband, with all his connections politically, would find her, and she feared what would happened to her and the children!

Jack decided to have Beth stay, and tried to ignore the attraction he had felt from the first time he saw her. While Beth just refused to admit her own attraction. But the children loved living there, helping with the chores and horses and having lots of land to explore. Things seemed to be working out...

But then the body of a woman is found...they believe he is a serial killer!

and Beth seems to be having accidents...

Had her husband found her? Would they be forced to leave? While keeping everything inside of her, she wonders what to do; but there are people around her, trying to help, although they don't know the whole story! 

The action builds and more players get more and more involved...all watching, circling, tracking Beth! Will she ever find a safe haven? Readers will need to pay attention to who, how, and what is happening and can easily get lost--truly a page-turner that will keep you guessing until the very end! I loved this one!

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