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Sassy SciFi Based Upon Present Earth Violence! I Would Vote "yes"!

Oil painting of Coney IslandImage via Wikipedia
Coney Island must have been a favorite place for some of the
women who first landed on the planet where they would
spend their future - separate from all males from earth!
Tritcheon Hash

By Sue Lange

Interested in a futuristic sassy little scifi? Check out Tritcheon Hash, which is titled after the main female character, a top pilot on the planet called Coney Island.

Now Coney Island, normally called just the Island, might seem a strange name for a planet, but then, this is not just any planet--it is the "female" side of the Human Race that at one time lived on Earth...

It is now the 31st century and the sexes have been split for many decades and I can certainly understand why! The domestic abuse, violence and continuous wars had led to only one solution for women--Leave!

Interestingly Coney Island is a thriving, respected planet that is favored by surrounding planets and species. They don't like to deal with human men. Much of earth is gone--destroyed by war or bad treatment of the environment, including spaces that were contaminated and are just now being able to begin to be cleansed.

Of course all of the inventions that are available are exciting "possibilities." My favorite was on earth, and provided for the air to be cleansed of pollutants and then they were used to make things. Men are mostly meat eaters and vegetables, etc., are used mostly to feed the animals.

But men are also now divided between the aggressors and pacifists! Obviously all men were not interested in constant war-like lives. One of those pacifists fell in love with Tritcheon!

It happened during a training program of young military individuals from both planets. Yes, the Island has a military component, useful for planetary exploration and interactions, etc., as opposed to aggression.Earth officials had been trying to begin reunification and the women were at least willing to discuss options. The only real contact between the two planets was the annual exchange of sperm for the male children...

Now Tritcheon has been selected to explore what was really happening on earth, as opposed to what they were being told and she made it there. But she had trouble landing and was discovered almost immediately. The commander's group who found her was all for keeping her confined but fortunately she escaped that, although she was able to see the treatment of prisoners as they wandered through yards trying to find food... Tritcheon finds her former friend and is able to proceed openly in exploring the condition of the earth at that time...and also enjoying a little of the intimate contact that had not taken place since the sexes had split.

Many readers have called this a satire--perhaps. I tend to consider it as a possible "realistic" futuristic novel. As we watch on television, young girls fighting at schools or "just playing..." and even on reality television! What I see is that the females are picking up and using the aggressive behavior more than ever before. I am afraid of what our future holds. Satire or Wake-up Call?!!! I'm ready to move to Coney Island...

Now in Kindle--if you have children, you owe it to them to consider this one...

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About Sue...

TRITCHEON HASH named one of the 
By Kirkus Reviews
"Against a vivid sci-fi backdrop, Lange brings 

a light touch to heavy material, with a fast-pace, 
funny story to boot."  Kirkus 

Sue Lange is a founding member of Book View CafĂ© (BVC), the authors’ collective that includes over 30 published writers such as Ursula K. Le Guin, Vonda N. McIntyre, Patricia Rice, and Sherwood Smith.

Lange’s first novel, Tritcheon Hash, was published in 2003 by Metropolis Ink. Her second novel, We, Robots, was published by Aqueduct Press in 2007. In 2009, BVC released a collection of her previously published short stories entitled “Uncategorized.” Then in 2010, BVC released her literary science fiction novel, .The Textile Planet.

A popular speaker in SF and literary circles, Sue has been featured at the Nebula Awards, Readercon, the Library of Congress, SF Signal's Mind Meld, the Prydonians of Princeton and unique fundraisers such as Author and A Movie in support of Cinema 16:9 an independent theater imporant for its historic Art Deco features Sue Lange's Engaging Sci-Fi Short Stories Come to Life in the Form of Live Theatre.

Lange lives in Pennsylvania with her partner, two cats, a dog, four sinks, two showers, and a bidet. Click on the Title of this article to visit Sue's site! Friend her at Facebook and at Reviewers Roundup There!

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  1. This was sounds odd and intriguing. Thanks.

  2. Odd? I didn't think so, except for seeing what's happening in far future...LOL Definitely intriguing... kind of a slow start but once into the story, I was hooked!

    Thanks for visiting!