Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reading: Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Ancille Merevija

Unbound Boxes   Limping Gods:

Ancille Merevija

By Cheryl Moore

Time Line: 4004, China

Right Now! Cheryl is on vacation in Ireland! Wow!

After the murder of her father, and the disappearance of her brother and sister,Ancille Merevija must rebuild her life, with her mother, Alexand. Alexand was on a military mission and returned to find two of her children stolen, her husband murdered and Ancille left for dead. Ancille was badly injured and lost her hearing amongst other things. When Ancille was strong enough, Alexand took her daughter to her sister, Heyem’s house, to hide from whoever destroyed their family.

My Thoughts: There is so much emotion in the lives of Cheryl's characters. So much loss, so much pain... are we to ponder this as evidence of what the future will be? Frankly, it supports my opinion because there is so much that should be changed...and will not be without some major catastrophe...

I reallllly want to read at least the first book! These magnificent and tragic characters cannot exist outside of a novel, at least for is torture to read pieces and be left hanging!

(By now you know that if you have not yet read the micro-story and the character data sheets that you should click over

 Only two more stories will be included in my review, but the story will go on and the micro-stories will continue...but I say is not enough! We need the novel if these characters are to survive. Just as we live pieces of our own lives within one continuum, these characters need a beginning and ending...

Ancille is a heartwarming character, lost and struggling in a new world just as Alexand had been...but at least Alexand responded to her tragic loss and has vowed not to drink! 

The artwork for this story is one of the more compelling for captures Alexand as her most loving, with her now deaf child, trying to help her look toward a future which will be totally different.

Cheryl, I know I could find out, but for purposes of this reading/review exercise, could you clarify... I gather Katherine was previously married to Alexand, since Jarad's story highlights that the piano was a gift from her. Did they divorce? Why? 

Soooo, is the box from Anesidor some type of time machine? LOL

And, while I'm asking a was your vacation? What did you do? Did you have fun? What in Ireland did you visit that we might know about?  I wish I were with you!


  1. Hi Glenda. Katherine died before Alexand married Jarad, so is just a memory. (She was a micro biologist and discovered the government were experimenting on people. The government murdered Katherine because of this.) Alexand is sheltering at Heyem's house and teaching Ancille about Anesidor Sumian, the particle physicist in story 2. It is merely a way of building hope for her daughter, as Alexand knows exactly what it feels like to lose hope. She at this point is strong enough to support her daughter. They are both very close in my novels.

  2. Ireland is fantastic, I've loads of photos, which I'm going to put on Facebook when I get back! We're going to visit a castle in Gallway today!!

  3. I love castles! Get somebody to take your picture at the entrance if you read this! LOL

    Thanks for clarifying on it! LOL I was intrigued that Anesidor is from the U.S. You're really traveling the world, aren't you!

  4. LOL, yes Anesidor is from Maryland. I travel in mind and spirit!!! I'll take many photos of Ireland. It's actually one of Alexand's favourite places... Anyway, yes the box or 'writer' isn't a time machine, but there is some capacity within it for traveling backwards without actually existing as a physical entity.. anyway I won't give too much away as that is handled mostly in the first novel. Better go as my cousin's on his guitar, singing about rings of fire! LOL

  5. Cool! is that down, down, down...rings of fire? That's all I can remember! LOL

    Enjoy your time with family!