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Review: Catholic Father Calls Out to Conquer Cancer Within!

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When will the Church leadership ACT?!
Pedophilia: Cancer Within

By Patrick Bascio

I was very sorry to learn that Father Patrick Bascio died prior to having his book, Pedophilia: Cancer Within published. He was a brave man in writing it; may it speak loudly to proclaim not only Father Bascio’s concern, but also the hundreds of thousands of people who share his anger at the world’s increasing sexual abuse, especially of children!

Pedophilia Cancer WithinIt has long been my personal concern that the church does not deal adequately with the issue of human sexuality—and I speak not only about the Catholic Church but also for many of the Protestant denomination churches I have attended during my life. In the Catholic Church, perhaps because of the size of the membership, we have long heard about the cases of sexual abuse by priests. Perhaps it is not so prevalent that Protestants Pastors are involved, but I know from personal experience that there is much sexual abuse also happening by supposed devout church members. In every organization in the world, there is always a mixture of good and evil people. Dare I say that it is so much worse when it is within the church! Is it not the right time, as Father Patrick Bascio has done, for the good to speak out and demand action by the bureaucracies that allow greed and power to prevail?

Father Bascio approached his concern in an indirect manner that did surprise me however. Obviously the requirement for chastity is a major reason why sexual activities have happened among priests. Perhaps it is not as well known, however, that there are a large percentage of priests who are homosexual. He quickly points out that being homosexual does not also mean that the individual is a pedophile. However, statistics show that many pedophiles are homosexual. Thus by increasing the number of homosexual priests, there is an assumption that pedophilia will also increase. Present estimates for homosexual clergy is 20% or higher, but James G. Wolf concluded from a questionnaire that the figure is between 40 and 60%. Frequent sexual activity is claimed by about 37%. Yes, statistics are for the Catholic Church.

Now, you will be correct and as verified by Father Bascio, homosexuality is still proclaimed to be a sin by the Catholic Church... (Whether you believe this is not the issue in my opinion.)

Yet the Church continues to admit more and more “sinners” as priests?

I personally found it very ironic that, as included by Father Bascio, the Catholic Church continues to be adamant that women may not be permitted to become priests. If I understand that correctly, “male sinners” are chosen to become priests rather than faithful women who feel they are called...


Ok, I’m taking a little liberty with this review. Maybe I’m speaking a little on behalf of the Father who is no longer able to speak out on his book and opinions.

The remainder of Pedophilla: Cancer Within is an excellent discussion of the bureaucracy of the Church and how an administrative group within that hierarchy may well be a reason that prevents positive action. I’m not going into further details about the inner workings of this or any other organization that may breed the opportunity for personal greed and power seekers to negatively affect that organization. When an individual is placed in a position of power, they have only two choices—do what is right, or do what is wrong, but perhaps a means of gaining financial personal gain and power. Each of us must choose.

Men who were members of my protestant church sexually abused me, as a pre-teen, and I have heard many similar stories about those in the Protestant pulpit or lay leadership throughout my life. Pedophilia has been in this world for too long. And now sex slaves are being trafficked!

Father Patrick Bascio was brave enough to identify the cancer within his church. For me, it was a reminder that there are still good men and some are willing to speak out against their peers and those who have power over their positions. But there is still not enough said and done...

If you are one of those standing for good, reading Pedophilla: Cancer Within just might help you formulate your future thoughts and actions. I understand another book by Father Bascio is also being published posthumously, covering a similar subject. You can be sure I’ll be reading that also! Are you as good and brave as Father Patrick Bascio? Will you speak out and act? Cancer can only be cured in one way—it must be eliminated, deleted, conquered!

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  2. Marty thank you for taking such good care of him. I know he appreciated all you did for him and the sacrifices you made in his favor.

    You are truly blessed!

    Fr. Patrick was a very brave man and has written many books of controversy. His knowledge and insights were exceptional as one can see through his diverse books.

    He was a man of passion, a passion of truth and justice, a passion of love and understanding. I don't believe there is another Priest like him who has the ability to grasp humanity and life as he did.

    My e-mail address is

    Many blessings to all those who read his books and understand!