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Review: Children's Book Sure to Engage While Learning About Beach!

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The Adventures of
Isaiah James
Beach Boy

Written by Sabrina K. Carpenter

Illustrated by Doreen Freeman

The Adventures of Isaiah James: Beach BoyIf you’d like to introduce your child to water, swimming and the beach environment, I highly recommend Beach Boy. A major point of favor, in my opinion is that the illustrations are realistic—from the cover picture featuring dolphins and a young boy holding on to the fin of one of them to the last page showing Beach Boy and his parents going home after a wonderful day at the beach!

I also appreciate the fact that the author indicates that the stories are and will be based on the life of her son, Isaiah, who is teaching his Mom that each day is an adventure!

The colors of each page jump at readers and will certainly attract, while there are little fishes, shells and plant life from the ocean to complement the overall story.

What would you say if your child woke up one morning and asked, “...what is our adventure today?” Now Isaiah might have been told earlier that the day was going to be special—or maybe not! Maybe it’s best to be prepared for an “adventure” to happen!

And Isaiah’s parents were ready—they told him to bring his pail and shovel, because they were going to somewhere that was very warm and sandy. While Dad and Mom pulled together food, a beach umbrella and chairs, Isaiah James was thinking about what he had been told to take and he guessed!
They were going to the beach! Beach Boy couldn’t wait—it was one of his favorite places. He already knew about building sand castles and he planned on building a big, amazing one that day.

And besides that, his parents pointed out all of the beach balls that were already there and asked him to count them, just for a little fun learning...

Now Isaiah probably had some help to build his castle, but then after it was built, seagulls and crabs caught his attention—and then there came the dolphins to play!

What an adventure!

This is a fun learning book that is first in a series by Sabrina K. Carpenter. She hopes to “blend learning, imagination and brilliant illustrations for young children.” And what better way to encourage the love of reading which is her goal. Her first is an excellent presentation that supports her goal to show how to make every day an adventure. You know, the author is a cancer survivor and never thought she would have Isaiah—it certainly shows that a every day is indeed precious and her inspiration is justified and real!

Wholeheartedly recommended—maybe even as an extra holiday adventure in the stocking!

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Bostick Communications

G. A. Bixler

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