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Review: If you like to Give Holiday Books - This One May Work!

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Snow Globe Done Right
The Snow Globe

By Sheila Roberts

Do you have one or more snow globes in your home? I do and I love the tiny scenes within that become alive just by shaking to create a snow blizzard! So the title of this book was what called to me. Sheila Roberts has created a delightfully warm story that is just right for the season!

The Snow GlobeGoing back all the way to the time the first one was made, the Snow Globe in the story was created about Christmas time, 1880. A loving sister had commissioned it for her brother whose wife had recently died. He had been so devastated that his entire family was worried about him, so his sister who lived in France where they were just starting to make them, had sent it to Chicago with the note, that his sister hoped it would bring him comfort...

The glass globe contained a small toyshop that looked like his father's toyshop in his village in the Bavarian Alps. In front of the toyshop stood a beautiful angel with golden hair and blue eyes who looked like his Liesel!

But one day, the shop keeper looked into the globe and the angel's hair was now brown. He shook the globe again and her hair looked darker! It was just two weeks away when a man and woman entered the store. Except the woman's dark hair and sweet smile made the shopkeeper think he had seen her before...

And soon he realize that he had! In the Snow Globe!

It was this story that Kiley was told in the antique shop that had purchasd the globe. She was immediately drawn to it and it was explained how it had been passed down from generation to generation, always bringing hope when someone needed it most. Kiley was almost broke, she had lost her job, and worse, had lost her financee to her younger sister! She had no money to buy such a beautiful antique, but the owner offered it at 50% off... Kiley needed hope because with Christmas coming, she knew it was going to be extremely hard to attend the normal family gathering, and see her former fiancee with her younger, beautiful sister!

And then one day Kiley saw a different toyshop in her globe--and it was located near her!

Kiley had two good friends who were with her that day when Kiley purchased the antique. One was excited about the story that she told them; the other was skeptical and thought she should have saved the money. Of course, she was very conscious about money since she had been working so hard to pay for the extensive renovations she had done to her home.

Without going into each of the stories, I'll just say that the snow globe was passed on to each of those friends and each saw something different in that globe! And you'll never guess where it is right now, perhaps waiting for YOU to give you hope for the future!

A stocking stuffer for sure...and better yet why not find a suitable globe for your loved one and gift it with the book! It's bound to make that special one on your shopping list know you love them! I thoroughly enjoyed this and turned to my snow globe received last year from my wonderful nieces and created my own blizzard! Who knows, one of these here on my shelves just might be magical too!

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  1. I will have to add this too my reading list for next Christmas!