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Review: Animal Behaviorist Shares Comedy of Her Work!

The Chimp Who Loved Me

And Other Slightly Naughty Tales Of a life with Animals

By Annie Greer and Tim Vandehey

Warning: Book Contains Mature Language

Thinking that this book would be a fun break from my normal drama selections, I was somewhat disappointed when I first chose what I assumed would be my favorite—The Crazy Cat Lady. True to the title, it was indeed about a “crazy lady” rather than some story about my favorite animals—cats...

But, I went on to the title story and was happily entertained, and I am sure that without saying a word, you know essentially what happened between Annie and the Chimp! Fortunately, she was able to distract him...shall we say...talking him down?

However, chimp assault is very real! What I was surprised to see was the underlying story of how dangerous many of these animals are! So if you have ever thought about taking a wild animal into your home, this is a must read for you! Me, I have enough trouble with my house cats! Although the beauty of our larger feline animals is tremendous and exciting to watch—from afar...

For those who love cats, I recommend “Panther Bait” Now might be the time to point out that Annie and her husband are professional animal caretakers—the former is an animal chiropractioner, healer and behaviorist; the latter a vet. Now the author is quite direct about the differences between their responsibilities. But when necessary, it is both of them that take off running to capture and treat the animal.

This book is, simply, a diary of what animal caretakers have gotten into—the ones that are funny to think about after the fact, while not necessarily while it are happening! Tim Vandehey is a ghostwriter and first had to hear the stories, not believing them as they were told! It’s a shame he didn’t have a camera going and travel with them as they were “on the job.” Maybe next time, Tim!

Here’s a few facts I found interesting:

Tiger babies don’t go to the bathroom on their own (neither do house cats) and the mother has to help take care of that. Absent mother? You guessed it--somebody has to help! But Annie didn't have the tongue for it!

Bear cubs need lots of mothering; in the wild they are with their mother for 2 years. And they want food—NOW!

If you tickle Mr. Piggy behind the ear, he will flop over his 250-pound body for more!

If your hamster is missing, check your liquor...and be prepared. A hammered hamster is vicious!

And then there was the flying squirrel that a visitor tried to steal by shoving him down his pants...

There is more fun than wisdom in this book...but who cares? If somebody you know loves animals, his makes a nice gift in my opinion. And if they are considering exotic animal acquisition...please, get this book and let them find out the realities of it all!

And, if you just want to laugh from Annie’s favorite animal tales, you enjoy The Chimp Who Loved Me...and will be giving 20% of the sales to the ASPCA as well! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Book Received from Ghostwriter
Tim Vandehey

Published by Diva Publishing and Broadcasting
800 Miami Springs Drive
Longwood, Florida 32779

BRH note: Both authors are on Facebook...I will be checking to see how to purchase this book, or contact them directly if interested...
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  1. For a mother of a kid that watches animal planet like an obsession, this was a read I'll share wit my animal loving kid.