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Review: Suspenseful Legal/Medical Thriller Important Novel for Women!

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Murder By Another Name

By Jo Stone

Important Information for women is the primary topic of a new mystery by Jo Stone! Indeed, the title tells it all! No way around it a product that results in death is Murder By Another Name...

Jo Stone is an attorney who has tried many silicone gel breast implant cases—I think that for some books, the professional credentials are essential, don’t you? Stone received her Juris Doctorate at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I appreciate her efforts to share her knowledge through her very realistic and exciting fictional novel!

Murder by Another NameDr. Dan MacNamara, a plastic surgeon, handled many breast implants for his patients. But not all surgeries were successful in the long-term. In fact, the wife of the President of the main corporation who supplied the implants had been affected by her implants—her breasts were slightly asymmetrical but those of a 25 year old. But when she touched them, she could not help but be sad and disgusted—they had lost all sensation except pain. Her breasts were hard and when they were subjected to bath water they became discolored and even more painful. Though her husband had convinced her to have them, he had not touched her since. She knew nobody would want to touch her...

It was exciting, then, when Dr. MacNamara learned of a newly created process that prevented the later hardening changes. In fact, Dr. MacNamara had been acting for the company to recommend and speak to groups across the country. Of course, there was the added benefit that the sales rep traveled with him most of the time and he was enjoying their affair...

But as Dr. MacNamara is hurt and in critical condition in the hospital, as a result of a car bomb that had killed his lover and the sales representative, one of the women who had received implants with MacNamara as her doctor, was also in critical condition.

Pamela Lawson had been disturbed by the way child birth had affected her breasts and, finally with her husband's support, though he said he loved her as she was, she had received the new implants. Happy with the result, life had moved on but then Pamela had begun having major health problems.

Fortunately, there had already been considerable medical research by a team of doctors in Canada, who had successfully had the new implants removed from the market there. But though they had shared the results in the U.S., they were not as successful in having their results verified.

But women with transplants were now sharing information and looking toward the legal arena to gain compensation for the problems they were having. Slowly one lawyer began to obtain a complete and thorough knowledge of all legal, medical, and other issues surrounding both the older versions and the newer versions that many surgeons were now using. One thing was definite--Pamela Lawson's life was on the line due to those implants and they were going to sue the company!

Murder by Another Name is an excellent well-written true-to-life drama that is both a warning as well as an example of how loopholes in regulations can be used by companies to miss the usual safety  procedures and move ahead with the production of new products. And, if, by chance, that company is run by someone who cares only about the bottom line, it can indeed result in murder--no matter how the death occurs!

So not only is this an excellent drama that should concern every woman, it is a tense suspenseful legal procedure thriller that anyone who enjoys medical mystery or legal novels will find a page-turner! High recommended!

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G. A. Bixler

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