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Review: I Love My New Kindle Cover!

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Kindle Case

By ecandy designs

They may not have come to me as official Holiday presents, but there are two things I was excited to get recently! Soooo, since they fulfilled my wish list, I’m calling them presents—just ones already opened!

First, a company for whom I’ve been reviewing for years, purchased a Kindle for me! How cool is that! Now, as everybody knows, I am always backed up with a stack of books to read, so I’ve only begun to explore how to use my new Kindle...

Kindle Cover and Case for the Kindle 2 with Reversible Zip Closure by ecandy (Fits 6" Display, 2nd Generation Kindle)But one thing I immediately noticed—it just sat there. It was an important addition for my love of reading, but it reminded me of cell phones, for which I’m still a holdout, although it is based more on my lifestyle than not seeing the advantages...

Anyway, I was so happy to see just what I needed on "Blogger Linkup"!

Ecandy designs was offering a Kindle Cover for reviews! I offered my review for it immediately!

First of all I’ve always taken care of books I read as much as possible, so I wanted to do the same for my new Kindle which would replace hundreds of future books. All you have to do is snuggle the Kindle directly into what looks like a small notebook or computer cover—but fits exactly for your reader.

I received what is called the “Black Licorice Paisley” which would have been my selection if I had been buying is covered in swirls, lines and all sorts of figures in basic black and white. It is beautiful! Jelly Bean is also available according to the package and there are also two available for the latest Kindle 3 in Tuxedo Swirl and Sable Faux Suede.

After slipping the Kindle under secure 4-cornered picture-like holders, I was ready to go. The back easily folds back for reading and closes snugly and zipped when not using. I also checked out that you can zipper the major part of the cover and leave just the bottom open so you can keep your Kindle plugged in for charging, as desired.

One small addition has been added that is/can be very helpful. It has a zippered side pocket that can store money, a key, a credit card or what might be needed to allow you to grab your case and head outside to read or take it along with wherever!

Because the cover folds completely to the back and held that way, you have total access to all keys of your Kindle and can easily click page changes with no problem. While I’ve only been reading instructions for now, I’m all ready to click page after page of my latest novel!

Now I don’t know about you, but, the Kindle, like with cell phones, seemed to me to be very thin and narrow—dare I say it—quite naked! With the Kindle cover, there is a thick padding and the zippered security makes me feel much more secure in “shoving” my new electronic reader into my purse to head out!
What more can I say...I’m ready to go anywhere, covered—and ready to read! I love my Kindle’s new case! You will too, I guarantee it!

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G. A. Bixler

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