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Review: Final Book in Lazar Marathon Surprises and Delights!

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Tremolo: Cry of the Loon

By Aaron Paul Lazar

I have sooooo enjoyed the opportunity to read all of the books this month that have so far been written by Aaron Paul Lazar. That included all of the Gus LeGarde series, and the first in his new series, Healey's Cave!

Tremolo: cry of the loonBut Tremolo: Cry of the Loon took me on an entirely different trip--back to my childhood! Because, you see, Tremolo is a Gus LeGarde novel that takes us back to when Gus was just 11 and is involved with his first mystery. Yes, Siegfried and Elsbeth, the 10-year-old twins are both there and we get to know Siegfried as the little genius he was. I especially enjoyed that Elsbeth, as well as Siegfried, became "blood brothers" with Gus--while Gus was eyeing an older woman of 15!

Gus' grandfather owns a summer resort/fishing camp and the family, friends and other patrons are enjoying the time in this quiet area.

At that time, children spent most of their days on their own exploring and were even allowed to swim and take boats out on the lake. In fact that's where we meet Gus and his friends. But a mist and then a deep fog fell while they were out and through a series of events, Gus' grandfather's boat capsized! At first they had trouble getting on shore and then weren't sure where they were.

Finally realizing they were on the other side of the campsite, they started through the woods and that's when Gus saw her--a young girl was coming toward them, she was bleeding around her mouth, her eyes frightened and, after almost colliding with Gus, she ran quickly in another direction.

Soon they heard a man calling, "Sharon," and running after the girl. Siegfried had quickly pulled Gus and Elsbeth into the woods until he had passed, but they could smell the whiskey and saw and heard his anger. They assumed the man was her father and hoped she would not be hurt any more once he caught her!

But Sharon never came back...

And Gus couldn't forget the terror he knew Sharon had been facing...

The summer was not to be as quiet as previous years, as thefts began to happen and a mysterious woman showed up who had men guarding her from anybody's contact. On the other hand, there was time for roasting marshmallows, sleepovers, swimming and boating, after taking on additional chores since one boat had been lost already...

So what did you do during summer vacations when you were young. No matter what, I guarantee that, like me, Aaron Paul Lazar will pull you backward as he explores the summer through the eyes of three young friends as they talk about the mysteries surrounding them and another little girl. The ending was not quite a surprise but surely was excitingly tense as the Blood Brothers solved all the mysteries, almost as accidents!

Don't expect the Hardy Boys...these children are unique and special in their own fact I'd like to see a "Young Gus" spinoff for the LeGarde series! It's bound to be a hit with the younger audience, just like Tremolo is easily recommended for older children and teens, as well as adults! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting these kids and you will too!

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  1. My dear Glenda, thank you, once again. ;o) And since we last spoke, there is indeed a spinoff going on - the next in the "Young Gus LeGarde" series is called "Don't Let the Wind Catch You," and occurs in 1965, the year after Tremolo. Plenty of horses, intrigue, and surprises, this one takes Gus and his pals back to East Goodland in the lovely summertime. I'll be sure to send you a copy when it's out!

    The next book in the "adult" Gus series, Firesong, is already to go and is scheduled through Twilight Times Books to come out this spring/summer. I'll send you that one, too, of course!

    And a new series is coming out - this one a bit more "adult" and set in the gorgeous Adirondack Mountains - it's the Tall Pines series featuring a new set of characters I hope you love as much as Gus and his family.

    The second Moore mystery is also on its way for 2011 - called Terror Comes Knocking.


    Thanks again for your kind words and wonderful support!