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Review: White Roses - Wonderful Romance!

Yellow roses, second try
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White Roses

By Shannon Taylor


And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. (Rom 8.28)

Several times as I was reading White Roses by Shannon Taylor Vannatter, the above verse came to mind. Often we don't see that this is true, especially when events are happening to us, which we think we will never get over. Indeed Pastor Grayson Sterling was in that situation.

White Roses (Heartsong Presents, #902)For many years, Pastor Grayson had a standing order to have white roses delivered to his wife on special occasions. Sara had always been excited when they came--each bouquet was especially created so that each was different, even though the white rose was always there to represent Grayson's love. They had known each other for many years as Grayson had been the twin brother of Grace, and Sara had become first Grace's friend. At 16 Grayson began to look at Sara with different eyes. Married years later, they had a son and Grayson had become Pastor at Palisade Church.

But then Sara was killed in a hit-and-run accident. Grayson had been behind the wheel, but was held by the steering column, not being able to reach Sara as she died. That had occurred two years ago and Grayson was still so devastated that his loving congregation suggested that an associate pastor be hired to help handle the many responsibilities that were placed on the large church.

Though Sara had died, the standing order for white roses had never been cancelled. The roses were now picked up and taken to the cemetery by Grayson. They were placed there in memory, for he knew that his beloved Sara was really not there.

Rachel and Adrea Welch, sisters, owned the shop where those white roses were purchased. Adrea had been the creator of those lovely bouquets. She felt a kinship with Sara since she had arranged them for so long...or, perhaps, it was because Sara had died on what should have been the day Adrea was to marry Wade.

That was before she had found Wade involved with another woman...

And now, as Adrea was setting up the flowers for a wedding, for the first time she met formally with Pastor Grayson. Of course she had seen him from the back of the shop, so she knew him. In explanation when he asked if they had met, she explained that she was the florist who had been doing the white roses...

And there in Romance, Arkansas, Pastor Grayson looked at another woman, and found her attractive...

Then immediately felt guilty of betraying Sara, the only woman he had ever held and loved...

And just like playing a game of chess, pieces began to be moved, there. Just a few of the movements include that Adrea's brother, Mark, was hired as Associate Pastor at Palisade. Mark then meets Grayson's twin, Grace, and soon they start dating.

At the florist shop, the women who worked in the front of the store had started calling him Prince Sterling. He was handsome, obviously romantic, and now just needed someone he could learn to love. Privately, Adrea had been watching that Prince since Sara had been killed. Now that the Prince was looking back, she was fearful, because Wade was back in town, drunk again...

And the chess pieces were moving to bring the past and the present together in a shocking, overwhelming way! This is really a cool, illustrative book that shows how God works in our lives! Highly Recommended! Oh's a tear jerker, so be prepared!

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  1. Wow, Glenda. Thanks for the great review. It made me teary-eyed. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book.