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Review: Library Journal Declares Rogue Island a Winner...

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Rogue Island is a Winner"

– Library Journal

I have to switch up the type of books I read from time to time to broaden my thoughts as well as keep me on my toes. That was the goal when I picked up Bruce DeSilva's debut novel, Rogue Island, (October 2010), and, boy, did it deliver.

The story follows Liam Mulligan, a newspaper reporter in Providence, RI.

Rogue IslandMulligan, as he's known around town, was born and raised in Providence, so he knows the lay of the land and is an old pro at his job. He's used to covering the usual stories: tales of small government corruption, mafia wars, and local dog profiles. That all changes when a string of unexplained fires plague the city, killing innocent people and destroying a way of life.

DeSilva has a way of making you feel as if you are right there with Mulligan as he searches for the criminals. His writing draws you in and will keep you wanting more. I also appreciated the way he carefully described the novel's setting—it gives you a true feel for New England culture, which for me was very important in framing the entire story.
Finally, I felt the characterizations were vivid and extremely real. If I went to Rhode Island today, I would undoubtedly run into some people who fit DeSilva's descriptions.

Long story short: Rogue Island is a winner, and I hope you think so, too.

--Reviewed for Library Journal by Bobby Brinson, Senior Manager of Library Marketing, HarperCollins Publishers )

Used by Permission of
Author Bruce DeSilva

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