Sunday, October 17, 2010

Review: By Bruce DeSilva for the Associated Press...

With Bruce DeSilva as a guest reviewer, we get to "double-click" to read! Bruce writes reviews for The Associated Press, thus they own the copyright...But we sure didn't want our readers not to have the opportunity of reading some of his reviews... Soooo, here's all you have to do... Read the opening from Bruce and if you are interested in the book, click on over to the full review!

Bruce DeSilva Writing for the Associated Press...

The Hanging Tree: A Starvation Lake Mystery

By Bryan Gruley

The Hanging Tree: A Starvation Lake Mystery (Starvation Lake Mysteries)
In Praise of Bryan Gruley...

Bryan Gruley, a reporter at The Wall Street Journal, was an Edgar Award finalist in the debut novel category for his first novel, “Starvation Lake.” The second, which is just out, is every bit as good. I reviewed the book …Take a Look!

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