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Review: A Heavenly Highlight for Lisa Jackson's...Malice!

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By Lisa Jackson

Once you are a Lisa Jackson fan, you just...are...

She became a must-read author years ago. But I had missed one from last year. Have you read Malice?

OMG, if you haven't...when you get it, be sure you have plenty of time...because this one will keep you reading until you are done! OK, it did for me, so this is just my personal warning...

Rick Bentz who is now remarried and a cop (on medical leave) has begun to see his first wife, Jennifer. In fact, she was there at the hospital when he woke up from his coma!

When he said as much to their daughter, she explained to him that it was obviously due to his being in the coma and that there were no ghosts haunting him. So he kept his mouth shut and didn't talk about it further...

But he saw her again and again...

MaliceFinally, he had to share what was happening with his present wife. Fortunately she had had some paranormal experience and was at least willing to listen to him, but when he explained he wanted to go back to California and find out what was going on, she was afraid he was still in love with his first wife. She was also afraid to tell him that she was pregnant...

When an envelope was sent to the police and his partner got it quickly to him, they all knew Rick would have to go...because the envelope contained pictures of Jennifer, dated recently.

The only thing was that she didn't look any older than when she had been killed in an automobile accident

Now, even her death was being questioned and Rick wanted to have her body exhumed...

Then he caught the girl--Jennifer:

"Because, RJ, it's special for us, isn't it?" she said, her grin widening. "You must remember all the times we drove there, working our way down the coast. The picnics. The sunshine. The lovemaking."
It was true...but how did she know? How could she recount the most intimate details of his life?
Suspense doesn't get much better than Malice by Lisa Jackson. If you missed it too...Get It!


G. A. Bixler
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