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Review: Here's a Great Drama for Your Next Weekend!

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Sugar Tower

 Jessica Dee Rohm

Sugar Tower
Anabel Trainor Sugarman was not a nice woman. She had married for money and used that money to keep her supplied with drugs and alcohol. We don't know whether she was always like she was when she was murdered, but then again, she was murdered the same day that the book, Sugar Tower, began!  I just don't think, though that she, or anybody, deserved to die the way she did...

When I try to enumerate exactly why I liked this book by Jessica Dee Rohm so much, I can't quite pinpoint exactly what it was...I do know that I loved the main female character, except maybe her name--Marchesa Jesus Piazza...What were her parents thinking?! Anyway, most people called her Mach and she was a reporter at one of our struggling newspaper who had been moved as a reporter into the real estate area. She and her boss had been involved and when it was broken off, Mach had wound up in a new job--you figure it out...

Since Anabel Trainor Sugarman was married to the owner of the Sugar Tower, among many other buildings, and she had been found dead in their pool, and since Mach just happened to be in the building for business, she was the first reporter at the scene!

Mach immediately went into interview mode and talked to many of those critical to the case. And, of course, Mach knew, when she found out Anabel had been murdered, that it would mean Page One. Mach knew how to take advantage of the inside scoop...

As can happen when the right strings are pulled, Mach soon found herself partnered with the officer in charge. Now let me quickly point out that much had already been done by the police, but the murder had already gone cold. If you are a CSI fan same as I am, then you'll be joyfully involved when Dr. Matthew David Rowan becomess the major driver and, do you know why? He bargained with Mach to get publicity for his fund-raising activites for his department! So when Detective Urquia, the new head of a task force on toxicology-related murders, was introduced to Mach and quickly opposed her involvement, he really didn't have a chance, the deal had already been made!

Of course, the pair was soon working together and once again contacting everybody who had been involved. The husband had been alibied out of consideration; however, Mach had the opportunity to meet with him and they became mutually attracted. And that's when things started to twist and turn and people started sharing a lot more about the behind-the-scenes activities. The maid for instance was having an affair and was now pregnant, after sleeping with her lover in the master suite. Even dog lovers were suspected because Anabel had caused so many problems fighting with her neighbors, their dog walker, and one owner had already filed a legal suit for their dog's death!

OK, here's my own confession, I was able to empathize with the murderer! Now, you have to admit that the author had to do a good job writing her story to have at least one reader "understand" why she was murdered (just not the method!)! No? Well, you'll just have to decide yourself, because I understood how easily someone is pushed to the limit...

I enjoyed the was fun in many parts and brought together many of today's issues with the ultimate potential result--murder! Read Sugar Tower by Jessica Dee Rohn--and have a wonderful weekend deciding whether you agree with my recommendation...but I am not wrong!

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G. A. Bixler

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