Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spindler Spins Superb Suspense!

By Erica Spindler
St Martin’s Press
Advance Readers’ Edition
342 Pages

I’ve read and enjoyed Erica’s Spindler’s novels before, but I think her latest, Breakneck is the most memorable for its breakout action, ongoing suspense and surprise ending!

Detective Mary Catherine Riggio, routinely called M.C. had just become engaged when a series of murders of young computer geeks began. Caught in the crossfire were not only her fiancé, but also members of her family! M.C. is devastated but adamant that she remains on the case, contrary to the wishes of her partner, her boss and her family!

It is quickly determined that money is at the bottom of what is happening. Although it was difficult to accept, it appeared that this group of young people was part of a ring of cyber thieves. The problem occurred when one saw the transfer of $500,000, later assumed to be payment to the hit man for his latest job, and decided to steal it! Of course, they were unaware that the money had been stolen from “Breakneck” who was known worldwide for his many hits, a number of them done by breaking the necks of the victims!

Soon, a connection was found—a number of the young people had been involved at a counseling center, being treated for PIU—Pathological Internet Use! For M.C. however, she couldn’t accept that her fiancĂ© and her nephew, who was a very self-assured intelligent young man, had been killed for this reason.

Spindler has created an intelligent, competent hitman; however, her lead female has the guts and the stamina of a woman who has been “hit where it hurts,” as she attends the funerals of her loved ones and fights to ensure other family members are also not taken.

If you’re paying attention, you might identify the killer, as I did, however, it is surely a heartbreaking ride as readers watch both M.C. and her partner’s lives being affected by what is happening to their respective families!

Great characters, ongoing suspense and action that keeps you guessing—what more do you want for a great read? Highly recommended!

G. A. Bixler
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