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Miss Ruby by Spencer T. First Chapter...

Miss Ruby

Chapter One

Her dancer's legs and thighs rippled when she exposed them. Her walk was picturesque. Her breasts stood straight out, as if pointing at you; and at all times she held control over those around her. She barked orders like a sergeant training troops. But I knew, inside, she was a vulnerable and passive woman,maybe even baby-like in her lack of self esteem.

Miss Ruby had only recently retired from dancing at the last burlesque club on the Debaliviere entertainment strip. I had heard some talk that she might go to Las Vegas to dance. She led men around like pets on a leash, yet treated me with an unsteady hand, which begged for attention. I was confused, seeing all the cab drivers, police officers and city officials passing through her well-known Zodiac Lounge. The place was always packed! It was a fire hazard, but that department never moved to close it down, especially with that department's captain visiting often. It buzzed on all the time.

Miss Ruby was in meetings with individuals constantly. I noticed she always received an envelope from those she met with and often appeared to be giving out advice or orders. A huge monster of a man who rarely spoke a word shadowed her every move. He did a lot of looking around, occasionally nodding. I often wondered if he had a smile buried beneath his plastered, stern face.

My first few visits to this place left me in awe at the buzz of constant activity and traffic. I wondered how anyone could conduct business in such an environment above the blaring sound of the newest jukebox. The bartender shoved a glass in my face with an umbrella sticking out, speaking as he was moving away, "7 Up on the rocks. Miss Ruby said she'll be with you in a few."

As I turned to find a spot in a corner, a very beautiful woman dressed in evening attire bumped into me, spilling some of my drink. She was too apologetic, while dabbing my vest and shirt with a napkin so I attempted to calm her. Under her breath, I could hear her say something to the effect that Miss Ruby would kill her if...

The monster man moved quickly through the crowd coming my way but I had no idea he was targeting me. In a deep clear baritone voice he declared, "Miss Ruby is ready for you. Follow me." I followed him to an area to the right of the bar. We approached what looked like a solid wall of leather with stars twinkling, but he pushed on it and a door opened. Stepping inside, it took a minute for my eyes to adjust to the light. I saw what appeared to be a beautiful, luxurious room decorated in purples and maroons. Ceiling to floor drapes, a huge sofa, a lounge chair and a couple of tables were covered with embroidered doilies. I stepped onto a carpet so thick my feet felt as if they were sinking. Then an aroma I could not quite identify greeted me, though it was pleasing to the senses.

It took a moment before seeing Miss Ruby step from behind a drape to stand there in an awesome pose. Her outfit was limited to her garter belt attached to net stockings and pasties on her breast. She was naked otherwise as a treat for me.

Her body glistened like jewelry. The netted stockings exposed the shapeliest legs I had ever seen. The dots covering her nipples did nothing to hide her appealing breast. Stunned, I watched her walk towards me with that sunlight smile, as she purred something I could not quite hear. Before I realized it, she had embraced me and was leaning her weight on me to the point I had to shift my feet for balance. I had a flashback to a night with her a few days ago. It was actually good but the confidence of this 19-year-old-almost-a-man didn't know if he could handle what appeared to be happening. I was there with this gifted specimen of a woman but I had no idea if I was ready to even attempt to handle the situation.

Miss Ruby was an awesome character. As we shared time together, I learned she was the Madame of a brothel, owner of at least three night clubs, owner of several taxicabs, held high end gambling sessions, and controlled neighborhood numbers. She was well known by city officials. She moved about the city in the back of a limousine driven by monster man with no encumbrances from officials and appeared not only to be liked, but also nearly worshipped by many. Being always impeccably dressed with the most striking outfits, including a large matching hat, her appearance anyplace created a stir and when she walked into any room she solicited awes and whispers.

I was not comfortable in her presence and she knew my disagreement with her life style was the reason.

I had met Miss Ruby about three weeks prior and the recall of that night still hovered in my memory. I was doing a gig at the Oriental Club on Gaslight Square with a lady singer and a piano man when this shadowy figure had appeared in the doorway, strutted to the piano, and deposited a ten-dollar bill in the tip cup requesting we sing "That Old Black Magic." She repeated that request three more times making our earnings for the night well beyond normal.

Each time Miss Ruby strutted up, she played to the crowd. Her walks to the front easily caught the attention of everybody in the club and we all knew she was not the ordinary visitor. The tailored navy long suit skirt had a slit up to her thigh exposing rippling sensuous flesh covered in net stockings. Her shoes appeared imported. Her hat sat on top of her head like an announcement for all to look and the bun firmly sticking from the rear of her head spoke of personal care well paid for. The scent which hovered as she made her trips to the piano lingered unidentified by all, yet was clearly a most pleasant entrapment.

As we prepared to leave the joint and make our way to the Iron Gate club, located downtown on Washington Blvd. right at 8th Street, it was obvious something was happening outside. People milling around the door seemed to be in awe of something, when suddenly a huge well-dressed monster of a man came inside and spoke to me in no uncertain terms. "The lady wishes to speak to you." I headed out the door in my usual hurried stance, in anticipation of getting to the next gig. The sight of this long limo parked in front of the club stopped me cold and I barely noticed the arm hooking me. Again hearing, "the lady wishes to speak to you," I was directed to a rear door of the limo. The man opened the door, exposing a beautiful leg and presentation as if it were an advertisement on TV. There sat the "Old Black Magic" woman in absolute splendor smiling from ear to ear. She simply whispered, "I'll be downtown to hear you sing again and you know what I want to hear."

After changing to another puffy shirt and adding the silk and satin vest with matching bow tie, we fell into our second gig of the night as if it were a repeat of the first. "That Old Black Magic" was sung a few times to the applauds of the small but intimate crowd. They lavished eyes on the lady near the door who made a few trips to the piano depositing ten-dollar bills in our cup. She became as much a part of the entertainment as we were with her trips to the back of the joint to make her requests. I have to say I grew tired of singing the song over and over but was glad for the cash it brought.

After we said goodnight to the audience, this time the lady remained near the door as we gathered ourselves in preparation to leave. We were talking to the club owner and dividing our earnings, including the now infamous tip cup, when she appeared without warning and greeted the owner in a most knowing manner. Calling him by name, she suggested that we get a raise for our appearances with him. He agreed in what I thought too fast a response and as we stood there confused, he counted out additional money we had not expected. The Shock of this exchange nearly caused me to miss her hand touching my backside and rubbing it salaciously.

We said our goodbyes as the lady leaned over and whispered something in the owner's ear. They both smiled as she hooked my arm and steered me towards the door. Once outside I saw the monster man holding the door to the limo open as if knowing we were about to enter.

Confusion gripped me as I said, " I can't ride with you and leave my car."

She smiled and grinned devilishly, "That's no problem. Give the key to Tiny. He'll handle it."

The monster man's name was Tiny. How ironic, this well over six-foot, 300- pound-plus man was called Tiny. I was trying to think fast, but clearly! I had no idea where she planned for us to go or do.

She stated that entertainers regularly met in the cafe at the Chase Hotel after doing their gigs and she enjoyed watching us. Again more confusion wracked me, trying to figure out how she knew what our habits had been. I entered the limo with her holding my hand as if to encourage my comfort but she was failing. Sure I was in a state of aura in being in the presence of such a beautiful woman but questions began to spin in my head about the Iron Gate gig and how she came to know so much about me.

We arrived at the Chase driveway and were greeted by an attendant bowing and calling her by name. "So delightful to see you, Miss Ruby!" He held out his hand to assist her out of the long black car.

I noticed Tiny tipped him as we walked into the all-night cafe. A small crowd looked up and watched our entry. Miss Ruby stopped and spoke to several people as we headed to a booth. I felt a certain comfort in noticing the wink from my duo partner who was sipping coffee and smiling at me. It wasn't long before we were making small talk while eating omelets. Inside, though, I had begun to feel like a trapped animal on opening day of the hunting season. Was I being a fool for not keeping a positive attitude for the situation I was in, and the beautiful woman who was smothering me with attention?

At some point in our conversation, she casually said, "I have an apartment in the Park Plaza and would like you to visit me there."

The Park Plaza was attached to the Chase Hotel. I had not seen Tiny or my car and was frankly scared! Nevertheless, I followed her like a sick puppy through the maze of hallways and finally onto an elevator ride and a short walk to her apartment. Upon entering I was confronted with a level of opulence far beyond anything I'd ever seen. Her words to make myself at home fell on deaf ears in that my home was nothing like this one.

Miss Ruby went into another room briefly and returned in nothing but a slip and those net stockings, "You are about to get a wonderful bath!" She took my hand and led me to a marbled bathroom and I began undressing there in front of her as if it were the most natural thing to do.

I was struck by how the bubbles sat on top of the water. I could feel the heat from the tub and wondered who had gotten the water ready since I had not seen another person. She kissed me squarely on the lips and helped me to step into the heavenly, reeking tub of bubbles and scents. While I sank into its depths, she briefly left and then again appeared, wearing nothing but dots on her breast and gartered net stockings.

She began laying hands on me as if I was about to be healed of all my woes.

The huge sponge she used to soap me down and rinse me was like a feather being dragged across my skin; it tore at my senses. I don't know how long she stayed there washing me. I was actually getting drowsy when she said, "I'm going to shower while you dry off."

Sitting on the tub edge, with this huge towel, drying myself, I again wondered who she was and why she had picked me? Surely this was stuff of a young man's dreams and imagination, but the reality of it all remained a bit frightening. I sat thinking of this lady and the situation I found myself living, when suddenly she appeared at the doorway.

Handing me a terry robe, she covered her own nakedness with a similar one. I couldn't help but stare at her nearly perfect body and her firm round ass with legs as if they were molded for a specific purpose. Her smile seemed to bleed passion as she reached for my hand to lead me out of the bathroom. Entering another room that took my breath away with its decor, my mouth dropped open because there, the center of attraction was a huge bed in the middle of the floor, draped with very sheer material.

Miss Ruby touched me, as I had never been touched before, creating a shocking yet wonderfully thrilling experience. She kissed me like I had never been kissed before, causing my body to take a sudden sail off into an unfamiliar journey. Sensations overwhelmed me. Scents from burning incense and candles I had not noticed wafted my emotions to extremes I had never chanced to reach. When I felt the sensation of her tongue enveloping my penis, my hardness nearly hurt from the combination of the thrills and new sensations co-mingling. Never had I experienced such sexual pleasures. Reality faded to a shadow of itself as I attempted to inhale all of these new overpowering sensations.

Miss Ruby was in complete control.

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