Friday, January 2, 2009

How to Sell Your Product on Amazon

How to sell on Amazon

By Guest Blogger Carol Denise Mitchell

1 Upload your inventory to customers

2 Customers see your product Worldwide

3 Customers Purchase your product

4 You ship product to customer – amazon

5 Amazon transfers payment into your bank account

Notifies you payment has been received

Selling on Amazon

Team up with the world's leading internet retailer and sell to millions of customers. With a monthly subscription fee of only $39.99 plus selling fees on items that sell, Selling on Amazon is a low-cost, low investment, incremental sales channel. If you are just getting started or looking to sell only a few products, sign up as an Individual seller.

Access to millions of customers shopping on
No per item listing or credit card fees
World class fraud protection
Upload Your Product Inventory

With Selling on Amazon, it's easy to upload your inventory. Once you've registered, use the Web-based tools, a free desktop software application, or text files to get up and running fast.

Customers See Your Products on is a leading web site and is a stop for millions of online shoppers. By listing your products on, reach millions of potential customers every day.

Customers Purchase Your Products makes buying your products a snap. With features like 1-Click and a brand millions of consumers trust, customers make quick, easy, worry-free purchases.

You Ship Products to Customers

Amazon notifies you by email when an order has been placed. You simply pack and ship your item to the customer (unless you let Fulfillment by Amazon do the work).

Amazon Transfers Payments to You

Amazon deposits payment into your bank account, and sends you an email notifying you that your payment has been sent.

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  1. When I was looking for Carol's latest book, Rovella Starr, at Amazon, I saw that she was listed as a "seller" of the book, at a lower price than from Amazon. Naturally, I chose that lower price. But then I contacted Carol and asked that she provide a blog article about what selling is all about!

    Now, Carol, I must ask...isn't that a fairly high monthly cost for an author with, say 1, 2 or even 3 books?

    Do you foresee getting that cost back through sales? If not, why did you choose this process over just having the regular selling activity occur, which, I assume, would also result in money coming your way???