Thursday, January 8, 2009

Marconi - News Release

Dear Friend and Colleague:

With the advent of the mobile phone, Marconi’s revolution has come full circle. After his initial successful experiment in transmitting wireless messages from one point to another, he established himself in 1903 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, when he transmitted a letter from America to England and back, wherein His Majesty exchanged greetings with President Roosevelt.

In 2003, during the centennial celebration of that event, Princess Elettra Marconi, daughter of Mr. Marconi, together with a high school science student, spoke on their personal phone with an American astronaut orbiting the earth. One hundred years earlier, Nobel Prize winner Marconi had recounted how one day individuals on earth and in outer space would be communicating with one another, wirelessly.

The Dante University of America Foundation is proud to present the biography of Mr. Marconi as told by his wife and daughter: Marconi My Beloved.

The Foundation is also proud to announce that the first lesson of the online Italian Conversation Course is now available, free to you, and that Lesson 2 will soon be online.

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