Sunday, January 4, 2009

Giving Away Books...

One of the routine questions that crops up everywhere if you are talking about books is:

Do you have book giveaways?

Well, now, I've been giving books away for a very long time...mostly to my local library.

However, online, one of the fun activities at social networking sites is to have some type of giveaway.

As you might imagine, as a professional book reviewer, as well as an avid reader, my home is stacked constantly with books! However, contrary to what you might see on sell at eBay or at second-half store is illegal to sell advance reader books, whether they are uncorrected proofs or have already been published. In fact, I've read several places recently that you really aren't even supposed to give them away.

For books I review professionally, I've always kept them...more or less as a backup in case a question is raised about what I've said in my review. So for me, keeping them is no problem.

On the other hand, after buying a book and reading it, the average individual normally is unable to keep every book they've read! So, this is an early disclaimer to future book giveaways here at this blog. I give once-read books, purchased by me, as gifts on this blog. All books would be in excellent shape, maybe having a page turndown once in awhile if I couldn't immediately find a book mark!

I love books and even when I worked for a publisher, and she tore apart a book to submit a cover for some reason...I would pull the uncovered book from the garbage to read, rather than taking a covered book for my own library. Save a book; save a tree!

If you are also a booklover, perhaps if you participate in future giveaways, you will also pass that book along for somebody else to read! That is, if you don't want to keep it for your personal library.

How do you get a free book on this blog?

Claim It!

The following books are available:

A Cold Heart by Jonathan Kellerman, paperback
Eye of the Beholder by David Ellis, Hardback
Play Dirty by Sandra Brown, paperback
Stone Cold by David Baldacci, Hardback
The Breathtaker by Alice Blanchard, Hardback

Giveaways will always be first come, first served, via comments...Claim your book first, mailing process will necessarily follow via email...

Reading is Fun...damental!
I support Reading Literacy!
Give your books away; never destroy a book!
Release your books to others after you have read them!


  1. Hi,
    Any of those books would be a good read, but I'll try for Jonathan Kellerman. Thanks

  2. Dibs on The Breathtaker! lol. . .sounds very much like Donald Harstad to me.


  3. BTW, my email, if you need it, is slapinions at aol dot com

  4. Play Dirty by Sandra Brown, paperback

    Would be interested in this one, but only if the offer is international as I live in Finland :)