Monday, January 26, 2009

Duality II Leads to Challenge of the Gods!

Duality II: Travels of a Twin Soul,
Search for the Oracle
by David W. Cupples
131 Pages

Please check out my review for David W. Cupples first book, Duality: Travels of a Twin Soul: The Atlantean Adventure. Although the two books can easily be read separately, starting with the first adventure provides added incentive to proceed on to second in this series, Duality II: Travels of a Twin Soul: Search for the Oracle.

I admit that I’m not an ardent fan of fantasy; however, David Cupples goes an extra step in creating his fantasy world for readers that I really appreciate. He uses the character, aptly named the Librarian, who sets the stage at the beginning of each book, explaining a little bit about the two characters who, together, are the “Soul” of the story, and then invites us into the adventure about to be told.

In Search for the Oracle the time period is present-day and we learn that Chris and Mike are the main characters. Interestingly, the Librarian discusses the void in each of the young men as that possibly being a result of each boy’s seemingly being more interested in boys rather than girls. So, both Chris and Mike had chosen homosexuality and the initial contact between the two was based upon that mutual attraction. However, it is not long after they first meet each other, that they receive a letter “to both of them as if one” indicating that they are needed at once!

The Duality represents twin souls in two bodies born as the son to Apollo and together they are given special powers and knowledge so that they might win the quest given them. As memories start to come forward over the 10,000 years since they had last been together, they have their first visitor, Ganymedes (Gan), who will travel with them on their journey, that is, with his first action being to merge two amulets that each wore and the young men found themselves in an entirely different place! And now it was necessary that they reach toward their immortal rather than mortal selves in order to proceed. A drink from the waters of Amrita was necessary to restore all memories!

It was during their sleep, after drinking, that they came to remember how they were born, one individual, but with two bodies. It is only then that they realize that the reason for the “void” each felt was because they were, in essence, one soul! In order to prepare for their journey, Chris, Mike and Gan were magically returned to the age of 13 and made to look like a Native American, an East Indian, and a young man from the Mediterranean area.

The quest for which the Duality was needed was then shared: The Oracle of Delphi, a medium through which mortal men could consult the gods, had been presumably captured. This spirit would transfer itself from one to the next of the mortal women chosen to act as the sitting Oracle. It was discovered that the spirit that was the true Oracle was being held in Tartarus, an underworld abyss that housed the souls of only the most wicked of the dead (p. 62)

Getting into...and out...of the place where the Delphic Oracle was their goal, if it please the gods! But...were they on a wild goose chase? For, before it was all over, the Duality challenged the gods!

Cupples once again proves his great storytelling skills as he takes readers back into ancient times of Apollo and Artemis, Zeus His writing is characteristic of the period and his research shows a clear understanding of the Greek mythology that provides the underlying support to his own tales. Fantasy lovers will get caught up in this tale of honor and valor – for the Twin Soul becomes Twin Souls!


G. A. Bixler
IP Book Reviewer

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