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Callinan Questions the Vampires Craze...

The Vampire Deutsch: Der Vampir
The Vampire Deutsch: Der Vampir (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some time back I read that true vampires in the mould of Vlad The Impaler, and other ‘families’ in certain parts of Eastern Europe where the vampire myths originated, were actually suffering from a form of congenital haemophilia – which would explain a lot if true.

Are vampires dead and buried - permanently?

The vampire boom may be drawing to a close according to some publishing pundits.

But if you scan through the posts in many reader forums, the bloodsuckers with the looks of an Angelina Jolie or a Johnny Depp are still attracting hosts of readers (mainly female). These paranormal romantic vampires tend to be extensions of Mills & Boon type heroes and heroines – square jawed, sensitive, rakish, seductive and so on. Not like ‘real’ vampires at all.
This must be a "real" vampire?

Today’s fictional vampire has become an iconic stereotype, albeit a hugely successful one as series such as ‘Twilight’ proves beyond a shadow of a doubt. But, are publishers becoming disenchanted with the fangs and the undead? 

If not, just what is the attraction? Have there ever been any disgustingly ugly, dissolute, savage and brutal vampire heroes and heroines in popular fiction?

I'm not so sure that only females watched Buffy???

Or are the undead only seductively attractive because they perform an esoteric form of rape – sucking the life blood in an agony of pleasurable excitement.

Readers, did you notice that Callinan claims that readers are mostly female? Is this true? Do you enjoy vampire stories more than other fantasy characters?

Personally, I have noticed that when a craze (high sales) happen re characters such as vampires, then you see some authors suddenly switching genres going to scifi/fantasy to play on the success... Frankly, this has always irritated me, especially if they are top authors...

I was just thinking...what sex normally give "hickies"? Could that "sucking of life blood" also really be of interest to males?

Just sayin'...

What do YOU think?
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