Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Zilot & Other Important Rhymes, Written by Bob Odenkirk, Author and Comedian with Art by Daughter Erin - A New Addition To Avi's Home Library!

Dear Avi, there are so many mysteries of the world at your age... And your family loves revealing more and more to you each day... God's light will be shared through our love, our sharing, our teaching... I so
enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with you and then pretending to be a cat or a dog...talking to each other... It's fun learning, isn't it?! And, with this latest book, you will even one day learn a new word! Zilot!

Now the question is, first, will anybody who doesn't read this book, ever hear the new word?!

Fortunately, the writer and author chose to allow several pages to be shared... So, right now, let's find out exactly what a Zilot is!


Now, I have this on good authority that this new word was created by the writer's son, so if you think--it is just a tent--an inside tent--well, I think you need to practice your creative thinking... For surely, new words can only arrive to our language from somebody who sees something and "names" it!

This book is hard-backed with 150 pages, jammed pack with 74 different pictures and rhymes that were written by Odenkirk who earns his living by being funny and he enlisted his daughter, Erin, who clearly participates in the humor that is undoubtedly part of their home life! Me, I was hooked when they told me to be sure to bring a flashlight to read! Of course, I use my Kindle to read in the dark... but a flashlight works for big books like this one!


And I promise you'll meet some very strange people, tall and small, are here to greet you and maybe even split a pea with you!


And sometimes we will read a very nice rhyme to learn and see! Of course, somebody else might not see the result as we...!

Old Time Rhymes
    I made this up just now
        a long long time ago
            They're new to you
                As You already know
                    They're true and honest
                        and make no sense
                            Fun for the whole family
                                except No parents

Wonderful Christmas Possibility!
Jesus is the Reason

God's Blessings Upon You All


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