Thursday, December 7, 2023

Manny's Musings... Wandering and Wondering - Who Will Tell Our Stories?


I don't put my faith in any human, but rather in that power of the universe called LOVE, which has no beginning or end. Who knows my voice and tears. Who gave us the breath of life. Who can and will take it away...

On the Red Road all things that seem impossible,
are possible.
Just sharing my own thoughts.
A voice in space and time.
Have a peaceful night.
A'ateaka yeu matchune,
may you awaken happy.

Tu'i yokoria
Buenos dias
Good morning
Thank you.
It's very cold outside and quiet. 
Only the sounds of traffic on the highways
 break the silences.
I'm going to light some medicine in a bit when the sun rises.

I pray for my niece who is starting chemo this week. I believe she will heal and be ok.
I send my voice for the homeless people around here sleeping in the cold and hungry.
I send my voice for the elders having a hard time.
I send my voice for ill people I know fighting battles to stay alive.
I send my voice for the country and the leaders.
I send my voice for the world.

I will give thanks my voice is heard.
I give thanks for this breath of life.
I give thanks for my family and 
what friends are still around.

Have a sweet day, blessed, 
with much healing and hope.
Lioj emomak tawa.

I was thinking that in another fifty years, who will remember us, me? Who will know about our life, our struggles, our hopes?
I have the history and the times of my ancestors going back for over four centuries. But I'm the only one in this whole world, family included, that has researched and put together our history.
But what will happen to this knowledge when I am gone?
That is a major reason why I have spent years, in good times and bad, writing about our family, community, and my life experiences.
My grandparents are now for posterity, recorded in the City of Livingston history and Museum, and at Merced UC digital archives.
This was one of my devotions...

God Loves All of our Indigenous Citizens!
And he Loves All Who He Created!
Thank you Manny and Others Who Speak Truth!
Faith, and Compassion

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