Sunday, November 20, 2022

Open Memoir: A Single Christian Woman - The Day For Music! God So Loved the World!


Now in my elder years and with mobility issues of one kind or another for the last five or so years, I've not been in church... That was not the case for more than 70 years, so, I've found that I wind up worshipping My Way... It works for me...and seems to be ok with God. There may have been a few nudges from time to time to get back into a church, but then, again, I've established online friendships and shared about my life as you would do within a church community.

No matter what age I am, I tend to remember the songs that I learned while singing in church and within the church choir. Many time I may search for a specific song, such as John 3:16 God So Loved the World. Often such as the one above, I find that it has been adapted for special use for children so that they can better understand and learn.. For me, that means that I still have by memory of the words that we most  sang as a child.

Often, we are able to "see" the Bible rather than reading... all based upon a basic set of words: For God So Loved the World...

We can always be sure to find peace with God, Our Father, no matter what is happening here on earth... Here we can find that Christ wants us to look at ourselves first, rather than to speak ill against others... Knowing that, without Love, we are nothing.

But now, we are caught in a world that is filled with hate, prejudice, judgment, bias--without mercy, without consideration for those who are in some way different from us... Did not God ask that we go out to tell people about Jesus? Did He not talk of Loving our neighbors as ourselves? And, do we not also see that God's name is being used by those seeking power? And do we not see that those who are supposed leaders mock and turn away from anybody who does not worship their commandments? Yet, did we not hear that Christ died for our sins? Because God So Loved the World?

Lord, Rip the Hate from Our Hearts
And Show Us All YOUR Love
For All Creation!




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