Friday, May 6, 2022

Guest Poet Jill Renee Grimm - Spotlighting A True God Incident for Me and Her...and You! Through to Sunday!


So What Do I Mean When I Say I Had A God Incident? Valid question, since many of us have things happen that can possibly be seen as coincidental. Many years ago, when I was working with a small publishing company, I would read, edit, and proofread whatever book was then being published. I don't remember the book, but I remember that it was a book written by a woman whose husband had recently died from AIDS. She missed him so much and shared a story that when she felt God was there with her, she would also see a nickel, or some other little items that would remind her that both God and her husband greatly loved her. Her poetic words revealed a firm belief when she would call them God Incidents. That is, she knew God had a hand in bringing about something of importance...sometimes just a gentle reminder or finding something that was of only intimate knowledge with her husband...

So, here's what I know... I wanted to get my hair cut before my surgery this month. I needed a ride from my wonderful caretaker, Rachel, and talked with her to see if she could shop for me while I visited the salon within my local Walmart rather than where I had previously gotten my hair cut. When I got there, she immediately began to think about my physical limitations of walking with a walker...she asked if I wanted my hair washed as well as cut and then indicated that I could walk directly to the hair wash area so I wouldn't have to get up again... And later she began to cut my hair and we began to talk, just as always happens with the hairdresser... And while she was cutting, I could see she was creating exactly what I wanted to have done, contrary to what the previous individual who cut my hair had done...

But soon I learned that Jill wrote poetry... that she was a Christian and loved her children greatly... And she had two books of poetry published already! Consider first, she's a writer with books and I'm a reviewer who loves books. She talks about loving her children and one of the books even is directed toward her children... and, finally, I met her this week for the first time--the week that would end in Mother's Day! THAT'S what I call a God Incident... 

My Child I raised you in the Lord's home. 

I wiped away tears as well as fears. 

You made me laugh

 and made me smile at your funny ways.

 When you were tired I rocked you, 

I slept near with one eye opened 

when you were sick. 

You are my child, my responsibility 

I loved you, and always will love you

 and be only mom to you. 

--Jill Renee Grimm

My Jesus On Calvary’s Cross 

The Authorities hurt my Jesus so many years ago,
as some have hurt me. 
They beat him with a rope and nailed him to a tree,
 that’s why I don’t listen or trust too many that come to me. 
You never loved my Jesus for he helped the sinners' shame,
 He went to feed the poor and heal the lame. 
My Jesus, He never deserved all that was done to Him, 
He went to save souls, 
so they could live eternity with him. 
You pierced a sword in his side and 
placed thorns on his head to bleed and die
 while you hammered his feet and hammered his palms, 
my Jesus bled and died for my sins and yours on that cross.
It makes me mad and hurts my soul, you lied about my Jesus, 
as some have lied about me, 
that’s why I FEEL CLOSE TO MY Jesus, 
as He hung on that tree, he saved a soul.
 I feel some of the pain my Jesus endured,
 you never respected my Jesus
 for all He went through and won for you, 
repent every sin we do. 
I never went through all the pain that my lord did,
 I've been through a lot to witness the sin
He forgives and the blessings He gives. 
Some protect those who hurt others 
and believe all their lies, 
I feel people shouldn’t judge others
 unless you can judge the wrongs you do.
 We all have crosses to bear,
 Take a moral inventory of yourself 
before you point the finger at another one,
 for when we point, 
we have three pointing back at us too.
 Trust in my Jesus he truly loves and forgives,
 How about you, too?

Jill Renee Grimm

Promises To Me!

You’ve walked beside me through my years
 all I been through you were there. 
Thank you for being a friend
 for you loved me. 
You've proved to me when I came to believe in you, 
you kept your promises to me. 
Deep in my soul I keep loving you
 for you loved me first. 
Every taste of your love you’ve shown me, 
at times I cry and get angry, 
but you still keep loving me.
I believe in faith unseen the promises to me.
 Every day I will love you, 
every day I believe, 
that promise you gave me,
 for you just had to love me. 

Jill Renee Grimm

I Want To Say Thank You 

I just want to Say Thank you. Jesus… 
even when at times I hate my life… 
but thank you because I’m alive…
 today is forget the worries be alive
 treasure the moments you feel inside.
 My heart is pumping I’m alive,
 I ask, can I live my life in paradise,
 is it too late for dreams again.
 For only you God can make it happen
 for you know me more and what I desire,
 for you made me have these desires,
 they're pure as silk, white as snow,
 warm with your touch of love.

 Jill Renee Grimm


  1. Thank you Glenda for your awesome review I'm glad we met as done your hair . But most your somebody that loves God as well

  2. Jill R Grimm full of smiles nobody can still my talents .thanks Glenda ..