Saturday, May 7, 2022

Jill Renee Grimm Shares Poetic Words from Her Book, Poems From The Heart...

 I decided to write a poetry book for I love poetry and believe that the Lord would want me to use my talent. I believe that poetry fills the soul with words that give a lift, either when in grief, anger disappointment or feelings of love and passion. Words of writing express our feelings that are hidden-- that we cannot express to another, so writing relieves the feelings in our heart and mind. I do hope and pray this poetry will lift a person that has experienced the things I've seen and went through and feel in their heart for something or someone else... I believe in teaching children at a young age to express their words, I believe totally in communication in a marriage or other relationships... Thank you for allowing me to share with you... Jill

God Made You Mine 

I just care that God made you mine. 
I may cross the country and cross the sea
 and find no other.
 I may live in a shack or mansion
 but I care only that you are mine. 
In this world of aloneness
 my heart sings your name. 
I want our hearts to meet always
 to go through the storms of life together.
 I just care that God made you mine.
 If thunder sounds and trumpets blow 
I just want to know you’re there. 
Through ever dance I pray, 
 that God will keep you as mine.

Carousel Ride

I keep going in circles like a carousel
never seems like I'm going anywhere
Just round and round and 
needing but never getting
Never seems like I'm going anywhere
Just around and round and
needing but never getting
I'm always left out in the dark
and pushed aside on this carousel ride
I thought carousels were to be fun
but this carousel ride is lonely all the time
I ask, Is this carousel ride I'm on
a fabrication of my mind
I look in the mirror and say
is it me or them...
that's riding on the carousel of loneliness...

Autumn A Time For A Change 

Autumn has many colors many changes, I see 
Autumn a beautiful season a change set before me.
 Today, I say to myself I need a change 
only one can make it happen. 
One change I need to see is 
to walk in love again and feel love.
 May I see and feel each change coming this season.
 Every day has a Season and a reason, 
to fall in love, hate, cry, heal and die.
May I see and feel each change coming this season.
 Every day has a Season and a reason, 
to fall in love, hate, cry, heal and die. 
to die, without love inside. 
I left that behind 
when I found you… 

Words Are Written 

Words are written in the sky 
of love that came and love gone by, 
but my words are written
 on the petals with love
 each petal speaks of our undying love.
 The fragrance is sweet
 as your lips that speak words to me
 I long to hear. 
It’s touched by heaven and reached by me,
 that it's your love that stands beside me.
 Every scent lingers near 
as the words written from above, 
petals as soft like the kisses you give,
 for every word is touched by love... 

Always Remember

It's early in the morning
a new day to begin
Just remember to pray
You can tell me all your pain
all the wrongs and lonely days
Always remember I love you
I walk beside you throughout the day
Just trust me
It's early in the morning
Remember to pray for each other
every sickness, disaster or death
I heal the broken hearted
My love never ends
Every decision you make,
make it with me.
Speak to me in every choice
and just trust in me.
Give thanks before you see it
Every morning you wake
It's there throughout the day.
You've got to have your eyes open
to see and...Believe...
Just trust in Me
And always, once you trust in me
Pray for the forgotten, 
and redeemed forgiveness and love
I give
And I give it to you this day,
First thing in the morning...

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