Sunday, May 22, 2022

What's Happening at Book Readers Heaven! - I'm So Excited, Just Can Hide it...


It's past midnight And I Am Wide Awake, even while my eyes are drooping from lack of sleep... Finally couldn't stand them any more and got up to pull off the tight leg hose that will help keep away blood clots. I barely was able to pull off the single hose on my good leg, so I'm sitting here with the hose down around my ankle of my left leg, since I can't figure out how to get it off, without bending down beyond the 90 degree bending angle...which I had to have somebody tell me exactly when I should stop and move no further... LOL... Seriously, I have had no major experience in dealing with my health issues in such a continued concern... So, it's been a frustrating, but yet fascinating learning experience. I appreciate for maybe the first time, just how much care and support is provided to all those who cannot meet basic self-care needs. Sending out many thankful emotions to all of those in medical care, food service care, custodial care...and a great big hug of God's love to all nurses, surgeons, doctors and others who God has given them the gifts as well as the much-needed desire, to truly serve another.

I have been sympathetic to those professionals such as Dr. Fauci, who, as a long-term competent professional in the disease control area found himself and family (and like many others) who are being bullied or harassed because changes in Covid protocol could never have been totally up-to-date... And it is only by being inside of a medical assistance facility that your eyes are opened. Gabbie will be talking about this more on my now-active sister blog, Just My Personal Opinion... Hope you'll visit there, even if my thoughts are more opinion pieces from a gal who's been around many more years, chronologically, speaking than many of those following me.

But, you know folks, all of us has so many different facets that make up our complete personality--the one we each think of as a total package of who has been given a specific name and identity.

This evening, the first song that came to mind about what
happened to me during one of the strangest, yet wonderful time periods in my life, was I'm So Excited, a clearly secular song; but the video revealed just what happened when "Gabby" Came Out!  By that I mean, that, because I've developed my word skills so much through reading and experience, I know that each and every word can be used in both good ways and...bad ways...
Thomas Harris, in His Book, I'm OK; You're OK, referred to the three parts of our personality that makes up the complete individual. They are merely simple references that we all know...and easily use as talking words in sharing about how we are...inside...where it is most important for our personal well being. the Parent, the Child and the Adult... that makes us unique, an identity.

It's one of my favorite books in the, what I consider, the self-help genre and was most effective in helping to analyze just who Glenda Bixler was... and is! The Parent is that part of Me that was developed during early years when our parents, or lack thereof, most influence our lives. We gain much from those who provide parental support. Again it is worth repeating that we must also be aware that not every individual has received positive feedback from the Parent situation.

The Child, of course, is just what you would think. She is that inner child that could be insecure, or well-loved, or, sadly, fearful. I chose the above icon to represent Gabbie, who just happens to have rediscovered Her Child--you know, that "second childhood" that many of you might have heard reference to, but wasn't quite sure exactly what that meant... Well, that's understandable! What I now consider my second childhood is that joy, that assurance of Love, and especially of God's love in my life. I call it my second childhood because during my Adult life, in reality, most of it was spent in working, trying to do what we needed to do to get basic support for food, lodging and more. People like me make up the majority of the world, don't you think?  Often, sadly, many have found that in the America in which we now live, our joy was lost, shoved back into the recesses of our mind, where all our energy was just spent in "living and getting by..."

I should explain that the Adult is used by Harris, to show that time in our lives when all three combine and that the parental harsh feelings that some of us might have had, together with the Child, who had stumbled and fled inwardly, into the reality of the Today, hopefully, when we are able to evaluate what our parents taught us (or that we learned through just living with those parents,  and whoever they are, together with that fun happy person we hid...and evolve by being able to see clearly all parts of our selves and make logical Adult decisions related to whether we should reject parts of those years early in our chronological lives. Harris, begins with the individual realizing, perhaps that I'm Not OK, But You Are OK... 

In any event, if that has been an intriguing intro to how I've lived along the way, sometimes not being OK, but moving forward to being in Full Adult Mode...That is, in my opinion, one of the greatest gifts from God. He gave us total control of our Will. By doing so, he gave each of us the Option to Make personal decisions that range in complexity to the beginning of life through to our death. We are always changing, making decisions, and God loves us enough to recognize exactly where we are in our lives... And if we make a personal decision that proved to be a wrong one, then I Believe, He is right there with us, checking out the changes to the GPS, and working to reroute our lives more toward What He Wants for Us--to Know His Love.

Notice that Gabbie is kicking her cane up in joy rather than having to use it to help support her painful body. And that's exactly how I felt after surgery when  hip replacement was placed into my body to substitute for the bone that had slowly deteriorated to the point that I could not easily function, except through the use of the wide variety of medical assistance tools, which have been envisioned and created by those to whom God has given the skill to be in some type of professional role in the medical field. I know that is a long thought, but I write it as the words came to me, hoping I am speaking clearly for all readers.

This was my truth. Within the span of a few hours, I had, in my personal ranking of my pain, moved from a ten to a two. And I was Soooo Excited, that I just couldn't hide it...and you know what? Gabbie saw what had happened and was so happy, she came out...and just couldn't stop...moving! And Talking! So, even as I was lying in bed, I got so excited that I just couldn't stop of pain after so long. I admit I might have gone a little overboard in volume of movement, but I tried to keep them within the Physical therapy guidelines I had been given for range of motion... The joy of movement was so freeing that I just had to...move! And I believe that my simple prayer had been answered. "Please have the right people there to fulfill Your Will in this latest physical issue that I was facing...

I'm not what some refer to as prayer warriors. I don't have the words to be repetitive over and over. I guess, for me, it's a matter of Trust. I Trust in God, no matter what would happen. But many, including myself, have found ourselves in recent years that we are not sure just who, besides God, that we can trust. 

Right now, I need to close my eyes. Taking care of my medical issues with my visibility is my next priority... But just as one of my favorite, older hymns says, I really believe, that God has given each of us the choice... We can {open our eyes and see His Truth of "reality"...or not... I wish, don't you? That it was indeed that simple. But I fully believe that Our Words, even if said first by somebody else, can be changed into a wonderful show of praise. My decision to Follow Him, No matter where He may go, is my Truth, which I'm hoping to share as another component of Book Readers Heaven, simply called, Just My Personal Opinion... See you There! 

Gabble And God Bless Us One and All...

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