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Book Readers Heaven Has Been Gaslighted! Lies Brought Thru the Mail that Supposedly Can't be Trusted For Voting Purposes! I Have Taken Up the Mantra of Our Jewish Brothers - I (WE) Must Bear Witness!

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I have been exposed! Those Who Refuse to Wear Masks to Protect Me -
Known as MAGAs
Has Invaded My Home
With Their Cult Leader's Pic on Front Page
(No Legit company has ever put him as front cover)
Hey, You All Know Me as a Word Person...
An Avid Reader By Choice, With Selection Rights
I Refused to Be Gaslighted
I refuse to read hate speech, lies and innuendo

gerund or present participlegaslighting
  1. manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.
    "in the first episode, Karen Valentine is being gaslighted by her husband"

The Emphasis on this word in recent times (also a book related to it, which I chose not to read...only because of my time and not needing additional info other than the definition to know what it has, as a recent meaning in our culture.

Gabby Says: Taking a Break to Shout Out YouTube and Google's Blogger Staff
For ALL You All Do for America...The GOOD!

Gabbie Says: This Musical Break Was to Allow Me, the Writer, to Calm Down...and share the words God Wants Me To:

  1. a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.
    "a rigid dichotomy between science and mysticism"

The Above Song, Let the Sunshine me, is a dichotomy... And I never was able to enjoy the good part of this children's song, because of the Other Part...
Specifically, even as a young child, I decided I did not even want to Hear, Say, or Have a Relationship With the "D." Even at my later age, I refuse to consider any book, movie, or an individual who spotlights "D." Ok, let's make it very clear. I DID NOT WANT TO GET OVER IT. I DID NOT WANT TO GIVE HIM (You know who), EVEN, RECOGNITION.

So, what am I building up to? When I realize that there are few people that I trust to tell me the truth, I am appalled. I am dismayed... I am horrified! Where does it say either in the Bible or...the Constitution...that it is your right under freedom of lie... Over and over and over. You get my point... Gaslighting and Freedom of Speech has become so abused that anybody, anywhere is allowed--yes. allowed! To Lie, no matter what! 
Yet, if you are required to take an oath in courtrooms, we are required to "tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God..." This is a perfect example for me...We are living in a dichotomy. A nation that has become so deceptive through the certainly unintended result of writers of the 2nd Amendment, that I, for many of you... Have Decided to NOT Trust anybody, especially politicians, sadly... Even the Supreme Court...sadly.

11 When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. 12 For now we see in a mirror, darkly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.
Christian Bible part: New Testament
Gabbie Shares: One of the God Incidents that happened during what I consider as the most miraculous period of my life, included, on the last day, watching a news release (On CNN, I believe). I have searched for it, but couldn't find... In any event, it was a short coverage between two elderly Jewish men, each of whom thought he just might be the last of those who had survived the Holocaust. The scene includes them meeting and embracing--finding a kindred soulmate, albeit, the memory of hate and death. When I returned home, I looked up what words they used that day. We Must Bear Witness. My heart stirred... These were Words I Was to Hear... 
And Use As Appropriate to reinforce just how we came to experience January 6th - The Insurrection. I MUST Bear Witness!

Gabbie Shares: It's interesting to me, as I write this, as I realize that the name of our past president begins with a "D." Just like with the "D" word, you know, about Hell and all that...  It came to me that I loved the fact that Whoopie, on national television, refused to say her word "D" just like I have...OK, I admit, I've also wondered if that "D" was the AntiChrist... I admit at the same time, that the thought just isn't worth any more of my time to find out...  Whoopie explanation in the above video is, surprisingly, since I'd never watched this video before, that she says exactly what I feel. So I will not take the time to repeat it, even if, maybe, in different words.
Gabbie's Prayer: A simple one, Lord, please allow my words to be made available to those YOU WANT TO READ my WORDS.

Gabbie Compares: I was just watching as I ate a little lunch, Joe Biden, visiting the memorial site of those children and adults who were murdered in Texas. The former president couldn't even be called upon to visit the gravesites of those who had died for America  on Memorial Day--apparently the rain, that day, was his excuse, and, adding casually, they were losers. Do you even, ever have to ask the difference I see between the two men?  

Even Gabbie can be surprised. I had put in what I considered a simple search for a pic... And this horrendous   but realistic  vid appears! Screamo Genre is NOT my preferred musical use of words I want to emphasize Yikes! But as I learned from one of my nephews... IT IS WHAT IT IS... The words in this vid are worth thinking about.
My thought was to find a pic of a man with two "beings" on our shoulders who, supposedly, gave us mixed signals...Both, of course, claimed true words...or...didn't... Consider if you would, that each of us spend, perhaps, considerable time exploring our internal struggle between what we should do (or buy, for instance) and what we shouldn't. Therefore a dichotomy  exists internally for most of us. And that's OK, in my opinion. We need to explore, analyze and evaluate the pros and cons of what we must decide to do on any given issue.

Was is really over the years that America had been deteriorating, just like my hip was?! I have to immediately tell you all that, like many of us who live in America, we have found it requires most of our daily hours (and even nights sometime) to meet the basic needs of...being Alive. And, even, more struggle just to have food, and, hopefully, a roof over our heads.

Years ago, I had worked on a university campus where Senator Richard Byrd was always doing something politically to benefit this institution of higher learning. My one and only thought at the time was...he's democrat. He cares for his state and its people.  Since, then, ironically, during my miraculous week in the hospital, Matthew (you remember him?) pointed out that he was a member of the KKK. My mouth flew open. There was no reason for this guy to say that, unless it was true. Suddenly I was once again faced with the recognition that you really do not know who an individual is. Even if he was in a leadership role of the United States.

I have found myself learning so much about America during the last 5-6 years, in particular. I had absolutely no interest in politics. I had no background experience in learning to know to study the backgrounds of our next president. Then  I heard the infamous tape, where our former president, reveled in his exuberant manner that He Could Grab "it" and get away with it...just because he was...(in his mind, but not mine) a star. Note that I had never watched the reality show on which he first became television famous... just as I never watch any of the "supposed" reality shows that have come to proliferate and be called entertainment. Personally, I feel there is much too much emphasis on the lives of those who participate in them, sometimes, not for the benefit of the American audience. It has helped to generate a desire for some type of recognition, no matter what kind, by many individuals, including our children. As you can see, my pics reflect disdain, fright, anger, fear when some part of the "metaphorical" part of our bodies--the part that has no business being discussed, ridiculed, or...abused. by any man and certainly not as someone who should be considered for president of the United States.
 You may recall that a Women's March, which certainly had a higher number of women marching in protest, than even the inauguration of that particular president... That is a commentary in itself, I always think, don't you?!
At That point, I chose to "hate" a man. By that I mean, that I knew what his actions were, and I hated them. I knew I had learned, if I remember right, that at least 12 women accused him of sexual assault...and they were never able to bring their charges for legal action. I also saw two females, both of whom I believed. One who had a one night stand and one who believed they were "in love," with a fairly long relationship. 
BTW, I remember talking with David Temple, who was then chair of the Political Science Department where I worked for most of my life. We both ate at a restaurant on campus that catered more toward faculty and staff. Somehow politics came up in one of  our conversations. It pertained to some politician who had been accused of having an affair. My response was something like, why is he so different? I'll never forget that Professor Temple simply explained, "When you run for public office, it is indeed different. They are called (my insert, supposedly) to a higher position and their morals (my word) should never be able to be questioned.  
Because, as you know, many politicians are now in Congress who have no business being in those positions that require a higher calling. A person who gains respect and support purely upon his, or her, personal life shared and visible to us through his work as a public servant.

All of which leads back to the main theme of this post. The Republican Party, in my opinion, is gaslighting America, choosing to lie, lie, lie...and...lie again, thinking that their lies will be ultimately accepted. If you disagree of my assessment, that's ok...But, at this time, I am called to a higher calling...I am bearing witness to what I have seen, heard, and believe has happened to America, primarily, through the influence, the incitement of emotional responses that are not real...because they are based on lies!

The first time I was personally brought into the real situation I was in was when I visited my sister. Note that, apparently, most of my family believe that if you are a Christian, then you must be Republican.

To give this considered thought, I am willing to agree that this may have been true in the past. Maybe, pre-Nixon... At the same time, I am willing to point out that my knowledge has no real historical knowledge. I have only what I have read in books, listened to as references of past political issues such as by Jake Tapper in his historical, recent novels.

It was only when I saw this, or some other pose, with the whole Trump family, that I realized just what I faced. "D" had invaded my family. When I saw the picture, I stopped talking, I froze. My sister immediately knew something was wrong. Somehow, she realized that I was looking at that picture. I couldn't think, I started walking out of the house. When she said something, I don't remember what, all I could think to say, "I Never Realized Just How Much Different we Are..."

I love my sister. but I can no longer call her also my friend. She has been, in my opinion, Gaslighted... And refuses to even listen to and/or discuss my position related to the political scene.

At the same time, I have Been...Asked to Bear Witness...

Could it be that we are indeed near the End Times? When brother shall leave brother, sister turn from sister...The though has crossed my mind because of the rift that has grown between members of my family, purely based upon one man. Could he be the Anti-Christ?

Frankly those last thoughts didn't last long. I am content in no longer worrying about when The Second Coming will occur! It will occur, if it occurs, to! And he doesn't need the help of anybody to know when that time is...

Which obviously leads me to the Major move by the Evangelical Christian group choosing to align with DT... But that's for another page, perhaps... You can belabor an issue too much in my opinion. After all, the activity even has a name now... Gaslighting: Saying something over and over and over, until some people may come to believe the words as Truth... When they are lies.

Think I'll close this one with just a Beware: I received a thin Special Report from NewsMax, which has DT's picture on the front. I have read the outlandish topics that are  spotlighted on the cover as included in this special report. It has apparently been sent out as a political blast against all things Democratic... Which is What Gaslighting by Republicans now do. They have no formal platforms of needs of America as thoroughly and carefully outlined, identified, and presented for action by President Biden, in response to the needs of all Americans. Those that, as we all watch,  Republicans in Congress are doggedly refusing to act upon...except for those few, like Liz Cheney, who actually are willing to speak truth, even if they are then blackballed by MAGA activists. 

I do not plan to read that magazine unless I am led to do so. I do not want to read garbage, especially knowing the topic headings sicken me. This may end any further comment. But I find I am still furious that this item and others are routinely being sent through the mail service. The same mail service that I, and many others, have been led to think that voting, for instance, should not be allowed through the use of Mail Service... (Because MAGAs don't want to ensure that all individuals who are registered to vote...can indeed vote...if necessary through the mail.  And NOT have the republicans use the lie and then move to ensure fear that the count of votes through the mail cannot be trusted. Surely, another lie? But then, the new postmaster general is an appointment of our past president...with total control...  Isn't it terrible to have lies happen so frequently, that we must struggle to know who, and what, we can trust?

Once again, I'm being led to post this without a reread! I do not know why this happens on some posts. Anyway, Take Care of You and Your Children...There is no way to explain the issue of trauma continuing in America because the Republicans cater to the National Rifle Association in preventing what we all know is needed... Gun Control (yet to be determined) But absolutely making the sale and use of military-weapon type of guns NEVER TO BE ACCEPTED!

Heading out to exercise... Always Remember: God IS LOVE

Recognize it, Accept it! Fight Against Hate, Prejudice, Fear... and MURDER of our Children! None of these negative emotions are umbrellaed under God's Love for All Mankind!

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