Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Breaking News: Southern Baptist Exposed for Sexual Abuse Coverup! - The Need for Concern and Attention

Most of my readers know that I routinely have lamented what I saw as a split within the Christian Church. For example, the republican party which supported a leader who deliberately incited hate, anger, division, prejudice...and so much more through his words and actions. He, of course, is not the only one.

I've been reading book after book for many years from authors who have shared personal stories of their abuse. Or, concerned writers who take the platform to speak out against or define what they see is happening.

I am and was a part of the "Me Too" movement which was initiated a number of years ago to reveal just how many women have been abused, assaulted, raped and other actions which represent the desire for power over women as opposed to how sex should be used as the ultimate intimacy of love.

Today? I am thankful that parents forced the Southern Baptists  group to have an outside consultant conduct a study. We all have watched as announcements have been made about similar activities within the Catholic Church. Automatically, there is already beginning a "count" comparison... (We only had this many reports versus theirs)!

My Dear Readers, no matter who you are or what you believe, I am here to confirm that I know God Loves Us! He is touching the hearts of many throughout the world...

But to hear His Word...You Must Listen and not become so insulated within your own lives that you have become unwilling to allow any words that negate what you think you already know...

But, perhaps don't...

The following book I have on my TBR list. I also have another one about hiding assault under the rug in the church... I've spent over 50 years wondering why, worrying, and reading, researching and learning...

I must now Bear Witness

If you Know Christianity Means Loving All Equally. If you recognize that those who call themselves Christians, have incited hate, violence, division, prejudice...and more...

Then, In my opinion, You and I and those who have Open Eyes Must Speak Out!

Here is the Table of Contents:



CHAPTER ONE: TRUTH—Speaking the Absolute Truth in Love 

CHAPTER TWO: UNITY—Can’t We All Just Get Along? 


CHAPTER FOUR: SEXUAL SIN—Extending Compassion, Not Compromise 



CHAPTER SEVEN: PREACHING—“He Gave Them Authority” 

CHAPTER EIGHT: REVIVAL—Seeking to Clear the Confusion 

CHAPTER NINE: REPENTANCE—A Life-Changing Experience 


Let me be very clear, I have not yet read this book and do not recommend it yet. I act as an avid reader and researcher, especially on this troubling topic that, in my opinion, is splitting wide open. It is irrelevant whether I accept, disagree, or totally discard the words in this and other books. My purpose is in research. I need to absorb alternative viewpoints, hopefully, then, to arrive to what I understand God wants me to know...Right Now, Today, When America is fighting for not only its democracy, but the basis of our founding fathers: To find Freedom of Religion From those who choose to authoritatively attempt to force ANY RELIGION UPON ANOTHER IN OUR LAND.

Historically, Christianity has not been kind in this regard. Immigrants came seeking that Freedom... Now, through some manipulation from those who seek power rather than to Love Thy Neighbor, or so it seems to me, We, like the Ukranians who have lived in peace with our neighbors for so many years, at least openly, have been inundated with such force of hatred that it is almost overwhelming.

I believe THIS is not of God, no matter whether it is those who call themselves Evangelical Christians, that have apparently made, in my opinion, a deal with...the...devil

See Also:




I've been soooo involved with what happened to me during my recent pre, hospitalization, and post time period that I had not realized I also needed to pay attention, as I have been for at least the last 5 years. I will Never Forget January 6th. I believe in my heart that the hatred of those involved is as awful as that realized by so many Jewish people during the Holocaust.

We Must Bear Witness - God Is Love!

I'll be telling more on my sister blog, Just My Personal Opinion, Of course, hosted by Gabbie...

And, no, I don't consider myself a fanatic, nor am I obsessed. I believe strongly that God wants us to live in this world...and merely tell others of what has happened to us...To Bear Witness.

And God Even Gave Me Those Who can Bear Witness for Me! Cool, right!

More soon...Always remember, God Loves All Equally! Why don't You?

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